What happened to Paul on Orphan Black?

What happened to Paul on Orphan Black?

And then there were all the delightful cameos that the time-warping episode allowed for, including Aldous Leekie, man-with-a-tail Olivier, suspicious detective Angie, charming drug dealer Ramon, and — most satisfyingly — Paul Dierden, killed in Orphan Black Season 3 when he sacrificed himself to blow up Dr.

Does Sarah love Paul in Orphan Black?

After Sarah Manning took her place, Paul grew to love her and began to protect her and attempted to cover for her, especially after Sarah came clean about being a clone….Paul Dierden.

Biographical information
Affiliation: Sarah Manning
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What did Castor do to Sarah?

He sneaks Sarah into a tunnel that will get her off the base, and then holes up to bleed out in Cody’s office. When she and Rudy find him there, he begs her to just use her knowledge to cure the clones, and leave the bioweapon research alone, but instead she just shoots him in the chest over and over.

Who played Paul in Orphan Black?

Dylan BruceOrphan Black
Paul Dierden/Played by

Dylan Bruce (born April 21, 1980) is a Canadian actor known for his roles as Chris Hughes on the CBS daytime soap opera As the World Turns and Paul Dierden on BBC America and Space’s Orphan Black.

Is Helena dead Orphan Black?

The Ukrainian force of nature took a bit of a backseat in Season 4, but as she defends her stronghold with Donnie and Alison, it’s hard to see any outcome in which Helena doesn’t make it out of this alive and well (and as a new mother). After all, she’s already died once before – and even that didn’t stop her.

Who is Kira’s father Orphan Black?

Cal Morrison
Kira Manning is the young daughter of Sarah Manning and Cal Morrison.

Does art find out about Sarah?

The police arrest both Sarah and Felix, and they bring them to the police station. Art questions Sarah about both Beth and Janis’ now completed image of Katja’s face. Vic tells Art and Angie that he last saw Sarah at a suburban address, but he does not know to tell them that the address is actually that of Alison.

Why can Sarah and Helena have babies?

All of the zygotes – including the original – were implanted at around the same time (or within days of each other). Because Sarah and Helena are identical twins they could have been from the “original” zygote which the scientists implanted and didn’t anticipate that it would split into twins.

Who plays Paul Dierden?

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