What happened to Peragus?

What happened to Peragus?

A shot from one of the two ships eventually struck an asteroid, igniting the fuel within and setting off a chain reaction that destroyed most of the Peragus asteroid field. By the time of the Cold War between the Republic and the resurgent Sith Empire, Peragus II and the Peragus system had become abandoned.

How do you escape Peragus?

Use the center console to unlock a bin and bring down the fields in the corner of this room. There are droids behind each of the force fields and a couple of exits behind the fields. Behind by exploring the exit behind the south west force field. Use your Plasma Torch to break through the door.

How do you open the security door on Peragus?

There are two low security doors that can be opened and one door that has been welded shut and can only be opened using explosives. One door leads to a ramp overlooking the Ebon Hawk. Search the two footlockers and the broken droid in the storage room.

Who created HK 50?

Sith Revan
History. The HK-50 droids were first designed and manufactured in secret by the Jedi turned Sith Revan for his war against the Republic. Further modifying and improving the designs of his first HK model, HK-47, the HK-50s were to be used as saboteurs aboard Republic warships.

What did Atton do?

Atton Rand, nicknamed “Jaq,” was born on the planet Alderaan and later fought in the Mandalorian Wars as well as the Jedi Civil War. He and others like him were sent on missions to kill or capture Jedi that would then be broken and converted to the Sith cause.

How do I get the Ebon Hawk?

When both foes are destroyed (it’s a tough battle but they’re worth good experience so worry not!), go to the computer terminal on the left side of the room and free the man in the chamber to your right. This man is the pilot to the Ebon Hawk.

Where is the Ebon Hawk?

The main hold of the Ebon Hawk The Ebon Hawk was constructed on the Galactic Republic planet of Transel.

What are Assassin droids?

Assassin droids, also known as war droids, were a type of droid built specifically for the purpose of assassination. They were independently programmed, answering to no masters, but could be programmed to serve one or more masters.

What happened to the HK droids?

The HK-24s were finally all destroyed during the First Battle of Omonoth while trying to protect their owner.

Who owns Telos?

Telos (company)

Type Public
Industry Information Technology Cybersecurity
Founded 1969
Headquarters Ashburn, Virginia , USA
Key people John B. Wood, President and CEO

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