What happened to sasusasuke?

What happened to sasusasuke?

Sasuke does not want to draw life in his lungs anymore. [Sasusaku] In the confrontation between Team 7 and Hebi, Sakura’s determination to retrieve Sasuke leads to the two being trapped in a cave, both nearly out of chakra, with nothing to pass the time until their rescue/suffocation but conversation. Eventual SasuSaku.

What is sasusaku’s mission?

[SasuSaku] That wall is sacred and only meant for couples who are actually a couple! You can’t write that, Naruto, he doesn’t even love me! Gift!fic for aNdreaa. SasuSaku. The mission is simple: break in and get the device, “Ghost”. However, there are a few flaws with the plan, as Sakura and Sasuke realize.

What is the meaning of sasusaku’s color red?

Canon. SasuSaku. Red was the color of passion, womanhood. Pink was the shade of little girls and delicate things. Next to Karin, Sakura felt like a washed-out imitation.

What did Sasuke cry when Sakura came to him?

-SasuSaku- Sasuke knelt down on the ground, his insides turning to ice. Sakura came and stood by him, her presence followed by a cry of grief. Then Uchiha Sasuke did something he hadn’t done in almost fifteen years: he cried.

How many followers does queencupid have on sasusaku?

Complete SASUSAKU Fanfics Follow. Focus: General All Categories, Since: 06-25-18 Founder: QueenCupid- Stories: 20 – Followers: 0 – id: 129847 Complete sasusaku fanfics with proper grammar and awesome plots. Most of it is rated M and therefore more suited to the older readers.

How did Sakura find Sasuke again?

Sakura finds Sasuke again in Wind Country five years after the war, when he is supposed to be dead and she is supposed to be beyond caring. Neither have been very good at meeting expectations.

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