What happened to Xboct?

What happened to Xboct?

XBOCT was in Planet-X’s DotA team in 2009 along with the likes of Axypa, Amsi, Jerry and Chief. However, a loss to DTS shattered the team, as the team had to take in 2 replacements. After their disappointing performance in following tournaments, the team went into inactivity and parted ways.

Did Navi disband?

The organization expanded to North America with their signing of the North American Rejects after qualifying for The International 2014, in June, 2014. On December 5th that year, Natus Vincere announced that they were disbanding Na`Vi.US.

What happened to Puppey and KuroKy?

KuroKy and Puppey were the founding members of Team Secret in 2014. They had then invited Fly, N0tail, and S4, as the five players had stuck together in the team for a brief period before leaving for their own new paths. Only Puppey had stuck with Secret and has played for the team ever since.

What happened to Flamie?

He will play for NAVI Junior at WePlay Academy League Season 2. NAVI Junior at WePlay Academy League Season 2. After a break from the professional stage, Egor can practice for the new season and share his tier-1 experience with our academy players.

What happened Natus Vincere?

Na’Vi previously had a League of Legends team in 2012. Their new roster played at CIS region’s LCL during spring and summer in 2016. Roster has been disbanded after summer split. Na’Vi announced their League of Legends: Wild Rift roster on 12 March 2021.

What team is KuroKy on now?

Team Nigma
Nigma Galaxy
KuroKy/Current teams

ONGOING! Kuro “KuroKy” (pronounced kuːroʊkiː) Salehi Takhasomi is a professional Dota 2 player who is playing for Nigma Galaxy.

How much do DOTA casters get paid?

According to popular job website, SimplyHired.com, the average salary earned by an eSports caster is around $70,000. Those only just starting out on a professional basis (not referring to those doing it recreationally or as a hobby) earn about $20,000 while the bottom 25% casters average about $37,000 in annual pay.

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