What happens at the end of 300: Rise of an Empire?

What happens at the end of 300: Rise of an Empire?

Artemisia finally collapses, dead, just as Gorgo and Dilios step onto her ship to stand by Themistocles. The film ends with the Spartans and Athenians banding together to defeat the Persians once and for all.

Who is the woman in 300: Rise of an Empire?

Blood, brute and brotherhood are all portrayed in “300:Rise of an Empire,” but it’s leading ladies Lena Headey and Eva Green who take charge of the film. At the TCL Chinese Theatre premiere of the film March 4, helmer Noam Murro talked how the two command the screen.

Is 300: Rise of an Empire historically accurate?

Both films are loosely based on fact. The first is about the Battle of Thermopylae (480 B.C.), where 300 Spartans fought to the death to defend Greece against a massive invading Persian army. The dead included Sparta’s king, Leonidas. Terrible as the defeat was, it inspired Greece’s resistance and eventual victory.

Is Rise of an Empire a prequel to 300?

300: Rise of an Empire/Prequels

What happens to Xerxes in 300: Rise of an Empire?

In 300: Rise of an Empire, more of Xerxes’ past is revealed. Xerxes finally reaches a cave and bathes in an otherworldly liquid, emerging as the “God-King”, with every bit of his humanity surrendered to give him the form he is now. He returns to Persia and declares war on everyone.

What did Herodotus think Artemisia?

Herodotus had a favourable opinion of Artemisia, despite her support of Persia. He praised her decisiveness and intelligence, and emphasised her influence on Xerxes. Polyaenus says that Xerxes praised her gallantry.

Should I watch 300 or 300: Rise of an Empire first?

300: Rise of an Empire is a prequel, a side-sequel, and a sequel to the original film, 300 (2007), with the events in the follow-up taking place before, during, and after the events in the original. The first battle that takes place in the 300: Rise of an Empire movie is the Battle of Marathon in 490 BC.

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