What happens if there is a mistake in a DNA sequence?

What happens if there is a mistake in a DNA sequence?

When there is a mistake in the copying of the genetic message that is permanent, a mutation has occurred. Two of the bases in DNA (Cytosine and Thymine) are the most vulnerable, and when this happens, they may pair with each other or themselves and the message is changed.

When there are problems with genes?

A person can have changes (or mutations) in a gene that can cause many issues for them. Sometimes changes cause little differences, like hair color. Other changes in genes can cause health problems. Mutations in a gene usually end up causing that particular gene copy to not do its job the way it normally should.

What causes single strand breaks in DNA?

A proportion of DNA modifications are caused by exogenous agents, both physical (namely ultraviolet sunlight and ionizing radiation) and chemical (such as benzopyrene, alkylating agents, platinum compounds and psoralens), which can produce numerous forms of DNA damage, including a range of “simple” and helix-distorting …

What catalyzes a single stranded DNA break?

Poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) is a nuclear enzyme that functions as a sensor for single- and double-stranded DNA breaks (Masutani et al., 1995).

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