What happens if you let Kasumi keep the Greybox?

What happens if you let Kasumi keep the Greybox?

If you Keep the Graybox: Kasumi will hold on to it, going against Keiji’s wishes. In ME3, you learn exactly what the evidence that was incriminating to the Alliance within the Graybox was. This information makes its way into the public knowledge, playing into a side quest in ME3 called Citadel: Hanar Diplomat.

How do you do the mission Kasumi?

Leave the first wave with at least two alive until you work down the gunship’s shields, leave the second wave with at least two alive until Kasumi delivers her line about disabling the shields and until Hock taunts you, and leave the third wave with at least two alive until you can wear down the gunship’s armor and …

How do you keep Kasumi loyal?

After taking out the gunship along with several waves of enemies on the ground, Kasumi’s loyalty can be earned after telling her what to do with the graybox you came to find. No matter what you decide, she will be loyal upon completing the mission.

Should Kasumi destroy the box?

Kasumi destroys the graybox If you convince Kasumi that it’s a better idea to destroy the graybox, ensuring she’s no longer a target, she’ll have trouble doing it. You can do it for her, or you can convince her it’s better she does it herself, but it will be destroyed, and she won’t have to worry about it anymore.

Should Kasumi destroy the files?

Mass Effect players that wish to free Kasumi from the memory of Keiji Okuda are thus advised to destroy the graybox, though the choice ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Can Kasumi live?

Kasumi is still around iN ME3 if she survived ME2 (meaning you got the DLC and she survived in your save). ME Wiki says she’ll be on the Citadel, and she has some different dialog and scenes depending on whether you got her loyalty in ME2. She can be a war asset if and only if you won her loyalty.

Can you romance Kasumi Goto?

To get right to it, there is simply no way to romance Kasumi Goto in this critically-acclaimed action RPG from BioWare. In fact, the options for interacting with Kasumi are generally quite limited, as they are with Zaeed Massani, another of Mass Effect 2’s DLC squad members.

How do I start the Kasumi loyalty mission?

From Hock’s position, look for a large, round, vault-like door at the bottom of one of the nearby staircases, labelled Security Room Door. Interact with it, and Kasumi will open it up for you.

Can you romance Kasumi?

Kasumi Goto, one of the DLC crewmates introduced in Mass Effect 2, can join Shepard’s squad to defeat the Collectors, but she can’t be romanced. One of these crewmates is Kasumi Goto, the master thief introduced in Mass Effect 2’s Stolen Memory DLC. …

How do I start Kasumi Stolen Memory?

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