What happens in chapter 5 of Stone Fox?

What happens in chapter 5 of Stone Fox?

At the general store, Willy sees a poster advertising a five hundred dollar reward for a dogsled competition. Elated, Willy decides that he and Searchlight can enter and win the contest to save the farm. Willy has to take out all of the money he has saved up to pay the entrance fee for the race.

Is Stone Fox appropriate for third grade?

What reading level is Stone Fox? This book is 96 pages and is a Guided Reading Level P (Lexile 610L). Appropriate for third through fifth graders, the book is considered to be high-interest for students in grades 2-5.

What is the moral of Stone Fox?

In the book Stone Fox by John Reynolds Gardiner, Little Willy learns to never give up throughout the story. He worked hard throughout the book and won the prize at the end. In conclusion, the theme of this story is to never give up even when times are difficult.

Is there a Stone Fox movie?

Film. Stone Fox is a 1987 television film adaptation of the book. The film premiered on March 30, 1987 on NBC and stars Buddy Ebsen (as Grandpa), Joey Cramer (as Willy), Gordon Tootoosis (as Stone Fox), and Belinda Montgomery (as Doc Smith). The plot in the movie is slightly different from the book.

Who is Mr Foster in the book Stone Fox?

Little Willy
Doc SmithSearchlightGrandfatherStone Fox
Stone Fox/Characters

What was Stone Fox doing with the money he won from racing?

What did Stone Fox do with the money he won in the dog sled races? He used the money to buy back land in Wyoming that had been taken away from the Indians.

Is Stone Fox banned?

Lucy Calkins announced that they are removing Stone Fox from the Units of Study materials. The new edition (Units of Study is published by Heinemann) will have a different book.

Is Stone Fox a true story?

Based on a Rocky Mountain legend, Stone Fox tells the story of Little Willy, who lives with his grandfather in Wyoming. Willy and his brave dog Searchlight must face off against experienced racers, including a Native American man named Stone Fox, who has never lost a race.

What is the conflict in Stone Fox?

What is the Conflict in Stone Fox? Grandpa hasn’t paid his taxes and they might lose the farm.

How many dogs did Stone Fox have?

Little Willy has a big job to do. When his grandfather falls ill, it is up to Willy alone to save their farm from the tax collector. He enters the National Dogsled Race, where he must beat the Indian Stone Fox and his five beautiful Samoyed dogs.

What does Stone Fox slang mean?

A stone fox (not a stoned) means hard to get, or hard to impress. The term is still used today to describe someone who is not easily amused.

What legend is Stone Fox based on?

Rocky Mountain legend
Based on a Rocky Mountain legend, Stone Fox tells the story of Little Willy, who lives with his grandfather in Wyoming.

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