What is a concrete cutoff wall?

What is a concrete cutoff wall?

Cutoff walls are a type of seepage barrier structure designed to reduce the flow of water through or around a dam. A reading of “Findings of Case Histories on the Long-Term Performance of Seepage Barriers in Dams” by John Rice and J.

What is a cutoff wall?

[′kət‚ȯf ‚wȯl] (civil engineering) A thin, watertight wall of clay or concrete built up from a cutoff trench to reduce seepage. Also known as core wall.

What is the use of cutoff wall?

Cutoffs, like sheet piles or concrete curtains, can be provided to reduce uplift and seepage forces resulting in appreciable saving in dimensions of the dam structure. The water seeping below the hydraulic structure exerts an uplift pressure on the floor.

What is cut-off wall in Weir?

Cut-off wall is a device use to reduce or prevent the seepage of water through the pervious foundation. It is always provid below the upper surface of the foundation.

What is toe wall?

[′tō ‚wȯl] (civil engineering) A low wall constructed at the bottom of an embankment to prevent slippage or spreading of the soil.

What is the purpose of diaphragm wall?

Diaphragm walls are underground structural elements commonly used as retention systems and permanent foundation walls. They can also be used as groundwater barriers.

What is a cut off trench?

Sample 2. Cutoff Trench means an excavation under a dam to be later filled with impervious material to prevent or reduce the seepage of water through the foundation of a dam.

What is a guide wall?

Guide wall – guide wall is two parallel concrete beams constructed along the side of the wall as a guide to the clamshell which is used for the excavation of the diaphragm wall trenches.

What is impervious cut off?

Impervious Cutoff : Cutoff is a core in the foundation. The cutoff into the rock is useful for creating a seal between the dam core and foundation when the rock is relatively soft with decrease in permeability with depth below the surface. The type of cutoff depends on the geological conditions of the foundation.

What are dwarf walls?

Definition of dwarf wall : a low toe wall built to retain the slope of an excavation or embankment.

What is toe slab?

The toe slab also acts as a cantilever under the action of the soil pressure acting upward. The stability of the wall is maintained by the weight of the earth fill and on the heel slab together with the self-weight of the structural elements of the retaining wall.

What is a concrete diaphragm wall?

A diaphragm wall (slurry wall) is a reinforced cast-in-place continuous concrete wall. The construction includes the excavation of a trench under the protection of a support suspension (i.e. a thixotropic slurry such as bentonite mud for example) designed to temporarily stabilize the trench wall.

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