What is a genlock signal?

What is a genlock signal?

Genlock (generator locking) is a common technique where the video output of one source (or a specific reference signal from a signal generator) is used to synchronize other picture sources together. The aim in video applications is to ensure the coincidence of signals in time at a combining or switching point.

What is the difference between timecode and genlock?

Sync (genlock) is like a beat that calls out when a field (as well as a line with tri-level) occurs, while timecode indexes each frame (or the equivalent period of time for an audio recorder) so that it can be identified in uniquely post.

What is a black burst signal?

Black and burst, also known as bi-level sync and black burst, is an analogue signal used in broadcasting. It is a composite video signal with a black picture. It is a reference signal to synchronise video equipment, in order to have them output video signals with the same timing.

When would you use a genlock?

Genlock was used to keep cameras, and other video sources’ frames in sync to avoid nasty artifacts introduced when switching from one source to another. These days most switchers can compensate for this rather than feeding black burst to every source from a central clock.

Is genlock the same as reference?

Genlock or generator locking is a broadcasting technique used by some video devices or systems to keep synchronized. More specifically, genlock uses a reference signal – blackburst or tri-level – as the timing plane for the entire broadcasting system.

What is Paladin genlock?

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