What is a Level 6 junior tennis tournament?

What is a Level 6 junior tennis tournament?

Level 6 (Satellite or Local Level) tournaments—these are multi-day events for players who have a little bit of tournament experience. Level 5 (Sectional Open) tournaments—these tournaments are for players at a more advanced level who have moved beyond the satellite competition level.

What are the different levels of junior tennis tournaments?

There are four age divisions: 12, 14, 16 & 18 and under. You may play in your age division up until the last day of the month before you “age out”.

How do you play junior tennis tournaments?

Go to USTA Membership Registration Page and register for the junior membership.

  1. Registering For A Tournament.
  2. www.tennislink.usta.com/tournaments.
  3. Search For Tournament Level And Choose A Tournament.
  4. Click The Title Link To Go To The Tournament’s Registration Page.

Are there any USTA tournaments in 2021?

2021 USTA Unified Tournament Structures New simplified, nationwide USTA Tournaments structures took effect in January 2021! It is our commitment to provide you with more clarity and more opportunities to play in USTA Junior, Adult and Wheelchair events – regardless of where across the country you choose to play.

How does USTA junior ranking work?

The USTA uses a Points Per Round Combined Ranking System (PPR) to annually rank junior players and pub- lish weekly National Standings Lists. Ranking Points are earned by winning singles and doubles matches at various types of USTA national tournaments, sectional tournaments, and designated ITF tournaments.

What is a USTA Junior Circuit tournament?

ADVERTISEMENT. A USTA Junior Circuit is an event that uses a non-elimination, round-robin draw format for players of all ages so you can gain match experience in a tournament setting and then see your individual results.

Do junior tennis players get paid?

Junior tournaments do not offer prize money. Juniors may earn income through tennis by participating on the Futures, Satellites or Challenger tours. Worldwide, many junior players also have a Universal Tennis Rating.

How much does it cost to join USTA?

Right now, creating an account with the USTA is available to everyone at no cost and with that account comes certain access and benefits. In order to gain access to play in USTA sanctioned leagues or tournaments or to get additional benefits, you must upgrade your account to a USTA membership.

How do I join USTA tournaments?

To search for USTA sanctioned tournaments held in 2021, visit https://playtennis.usta.com/tournaments. Once you have found the tournament you would like to register for, you need to check whether the registration window is open. If the registration window is open, you can complete the registration process.

What is a Level 4 tennis tournament?

Section Level 4 – District level 3 and 4 Tournaments It is designed for intermediate to advanced players and is your standard weekend tournament. While this probably should not be your child’s first tournament this is a great place to test your kid’s tennis and get them into competitive match play.

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