What is a reverse dunk?

What is a reverse dunk?

reverse dunk (plural reverse dunks) (basketball) A dunk in which the player’s back is to the basket when the ball is dunked.

Who created the 360 dunk?

Brief history: Hawks legend Dominique Wilkins combined his power and athleticism to create an iconic dunk that has stood the test of time. But while Wilkins is the unquestioned pioneer, Vince Carter built on the move and his 360 windmill might be the most famous variation.

Is there a difference between slam dunk and dunk?

As nouns the difference between dunk and slamdunk is that dunk is the act of dunking, particularly in basketball while slamdunk is .

How do you do a reverse windmill dunk?

Try a reverse windmill dunk. Jump while facing away from the basket and bring the ball down toward your chest with both hands. Once you are up near the basket, rotate the ball behind your head (using both hands) and dunk it into the basket.

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