What is a stereotactic computer assisted procedure?

What is a stereotactic computer assisted procedure?

Effective from January 1, 2011 the appropriate CPT codes for billing image guided FESS are +61781 – stereotactic computer assisted (navigational) procedure; cranial, intradural (list separately in addition to code for primary procedure) or +61782 – cranial, extradural (list separately in addition to code for primary …

What is stereotactic cranial Extradural navigation?

Computer assisted stereotactic technology for cranial procedures, also known as neuronavigation, combines preoperative imaging with navigational computer software to localize surgical targets. The goal of neuronavigation is to facilitate presurgical planning and to provide intraoperative guidance to the surgeon.

What is computer assisted surgical navigational procedure for musculoskeletal procedures?

Computer-assisted navigation (CAN) in musculoskeletal procedures describes the use of computer-enabled tracking systems to facilitate alignment in a variety of surgical procedures, including fixation of fractures, ligament reconstruction, osteotomy, tumor resection, preparation of the bone for joint arthroplasty (knee …

What is computer assisted navigation?

Computer-assisted navigation (CAN) is the application of computer tracking systems to assist with alignment in a variety of orthopedic procedures (i.e. total hip arthroplasty, total knee arthroplasty). The goal of CAN is to increase surgical accuracy and reduce the chance of malposition of an implant.

What is the primary CPT code for 61783?

The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) code 61783 as maintained by American Medical Association, is a medical procedural code under the range – Stereotaxis Procedures on the Skull, Meninges, and Brain.

Does Medicare pay for CPT 61783?

This policy is intended to cover those uses of stereotactic computer assisted volumetric and or navigational procedures which could correctly be identified by the use of CPT codes 61781, 61782 and 61783 (add-on codes), recognized for payment by Medicare, when their use is considered medically reasonable and necessary.

What is procedure code 31237?

sinus endoscopy
31237 – nasal/sinus endoscopy, surgical with biopsy, polypectomy, or debridement (separate procedure).

What is the CPT code for robotic surgery?

Robotic-assisted surgery is considered medically necessary for laparoscopic prostatectomy using the CPT code 55866. In all other surgeries, the use of robotics is at the discretion of the surgeon to determine the most appropriate technique.

Is CPT 20985 covered by Medicare?

Codes 20985, 0054T, or 0055T are not covered services and are not separately reimbursable. The following applies to all claim submissions. All coding and reimbursement is subject to all terms of the Provider Service Agreement and subject to changes, updates, or other requirements of coding rules and guidelines.

What is the CPT code for MAKO robotic assistance?

As a knee arthroplasty procedure (CPT 27446), MAKO Technology is typically covered by all health insurers.

Is 61783 an add-on code?

CPT codes 61781-61783 are add-on codes describing computer-assisted navigational procedures of the cranium or spine.

What is the primary code for 61783?

Possible primary procedure codes for use with 61783 include 22600, 22610 and 22612. These are subject to payor-specific coverage guidelines.

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