What is a XW GT worth?

What is a XW GT worth?

2019-2020 Market

XR GT 1967-68 165,000
XT GT 1968-69 115,000
XW GT 1969-70 145,000
XW GT Replica 1969-70 75,000

What engine did a XW GT have?

Ford Falcon (XW)

Ford Falcon (XW) Ford Futura (XW) Ford Fairmont (XW)
Engine 3.1 L (188 CID) 6-cyl 3.6 L (221 CID) 6-cyl 4.9 L (302 CID) “Windsor” V8 5.8 L (351 CID) “Windsor” and “Cleveland” (in second series GT-HO) V8 “
Transmission 3spd manual 4spd manual 3spd “Fordomatic” automatic 3spd “Cruisomatic” automatic

How many XW GT were made?

Production of the XW model resulted in 2,287 GT’s from May 1969 to October 1970 and 662 GTHO’s from July 1969 to October 1970.

What does GT HO stand for?

GTHO. Get the Hell On!

Did Ford make a XW GT ute?

The GT-Falcon ute that Ford never built XW GTs are heroes and icons in their own right, released in 1969 with only 2287 built – they’ve become a legend in Aussie car making history and have become blue chips to collectors.

What is an XW?

XW is a ticker-symbol extension that signifies that a stock is trading ex-warrant.

Did Ford make a XY GT ute?

Did Ford make a XY ute?

What is XW in stock?

Symbol indicating that a stock is trading ex-warrants, with no warrants attached.

What are the features of a Ford 351 GT?

“351 High Performance GT” red and chrome finish badges applied to front guards and right side rear trunk blackout panel. “Falcon” text badge across the rear passenger trunk lid blackout panel. Front and rear bumper over-riders were a common optional accessory. Twin exhaust pipes. Optional black or parchment vinyl roof.

What is the paint code on a XW GT?

XW GT COLOUR CODE CHART Paint Code Paint Name XW Windsor XW Cleveland XW All R Diamond White 359 274 633 G Candy Apple Red 242 161 403 M Reef Green 148 141 289 AM Reef Green (2) 1 1 2

How many XW GT / GT-HOs were made with dark saddle trim?

There are believed to be only 14 XW GT / GT-HOs made with dark saddle trim and cloth inserts. Some of those cars had a spectrum coloured insert known as “Hawaiian pack”. Black deep pile carpeting applied to all cars regardless of trim colour. Teak woodgrain panels were integrated into the dashboard and door cards (as applied to Fairmont vehicles).

What are the colours of xfxw GTHO?

XW GTHO Colours by Number Paint Code Paint Colour GTHO Phase 1.5 Total R Diamond White 57 22 119 G Candy Apple Red 59 26 102 Y Grecian Gold 35 8 61 M Reef Green 28 12 60

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