What is Active FX laser skin resurfacing?

What is Active FX laser skin resurfacing?

Active FX is a vigorous CO2 laser resurfacing treatment that improves fine lines, wrinkles, scars, skin tone, texture, and dark spots on the face, neck and chest.

How much is Active FX laser?

The cost of ActiveFX™ laser skin therapy varies with the size and severity of the area that needs to be treated. Expect to pay between $1,200 and $3000 for ActiveFX™ treatment on the face; if you elect to have the neck and chest treated, the price can increase.

How does Lumenis laser work?

A non-ablative laser generates beams of coherent light using a very narrow range of wavelengths. The light beams selectively target and heat the water chromophore in the skin. As a result the temperature of the tissue rises which stimulates neocollagenesis.

What is the difference between ablative and Nonablative lasers?

Ablative vs. Non-Ablative. The basic difference between ablative and non-ablative treatments is that ablative lasers remove the top layer of skin, while non-ablative lasers work by heating up the underlying skin tissue (without harming the surface) so that your body will produce new collagen.

Is Active FX the same as Fraxel?

Fraxel Re:pair We use this type of laser (similar to ActiveFX & DeepFX CO2 lasers) primarily for scars and wrinkles, but can also be used for photodamage, sun damage, and textural improvement.

How long does Active FX last?

How long do the Active FX results last? Since your body’s natural collagen remodeling process take time, the results of the Active FX laser perpetually increase over time, with the best results being seen six months after the treatment. The results last for years and are permanent.

Does Active FX tighten skin?

The Active FX laser treatment can tighten the skin right away and reduce wrinkles and fine lines into much softer areas. It can lighten any dark or brown spots you have and make them less visible. It can also improve the skin tone and texture in a noticeable manner.

What is Lumenis aesthetic?

Lumenis Legend M2TM is a clinically proven and tested combination therapy for ablation and skin resurfacing and to treat wrinkles and rhytides. It is a combination treatment for greater efficacy, with TriPollar® RF and VoluDerm™ technologies targeting different skin layers individually.

Is PDL ablative?

Three main types of lasers are being used in the field of laser therapy: PDL, ablative fractional laser (AFL), and NAFL. PDL selectively targets hemoglobin and coagulates the microvasculature in the capillary and reticular dermis, resulting in the destruction of pathologic neovascularization5.

Is Fraxel ablative?

Fraxel® DUAL is a non-ablative fractional laser that is used for skin resurfacing. Fraxel® is used to treat common aesthetic skin concerns such as: Uneven skin tone/pigmentation. Acne scars.

Is CO2 laser better than Fraxel?

The answer lies in what they’re designed to treat. While Fraxel CO2 lasers are excellent at treating a broad range of skin problems, the Fraxel Dual laser is programmed to specifically target and minimize pigmentation.

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