What is AFF level1?

What is AFF level1?

AFF Level 1 – Your first skydive! You start to learn to skydive from the minute you arrive. You will receive a minimum of 1 day on-ground training in basic skydiving procedures, free fall body position, canopy deployment, canopy control and safety routines.

How many jumps do you need for AFF?

AFF is an eight-part course – four to six hours of ground training followed by seven supervised jumps – that teaches you the fundamentals of becoming a licensed skydiver.

What does AFF mean in skydiving?

Accelerated Free Fall
Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) is the most common training method used in the skydiving industry today in order to jump solo.

Is the AFF course skydiving?

The AFF course is a skydiving course drafted to teach how to skydive in a quickly and safely manner. The goal of the program is to allow people with zero or very little experience in skydiving to gain all the necessary skills to be able to jump solo after only 8 jumps.

What are the levels of skydiving?

What Types Of Skydiving Licenses Are There?

Skydiving License Level Minimum Number of Jumps Minimum Freefall Time
Skydiving A License 25
Skydiving B License 50 30 mins
Skydiving C License 200 60 mins
Skydiving D License 500 3 hours

What is the AFF full course?

The AFF course consists of a one day of ground theory course and nine freefall jumps/stages. Once you complete AFF Stage 1 you can do stages 2 to 9 at your own pace, with no upfront payment for the whole course required.

Can you skydive alone on your first jump?

YOU CAN SKYDIVE WITH YOUR OWN PARACHUTE (BUT ACCOMPANIED BY TWO PROFESSIONALS) – CALLED AFF SKYDIVING. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to jump with a tandem instructor for your first skydive. With that first solo jump behind you, you just might get inspired to complete your skydiving certification.

How long does the whole skydiving process take?

Total Time: About 2 Hours All in all, it takes about two hours to complete a full tandem skydive from your arrival at the dropzone to the full debrief with your instructor.

What is AFF plant?

The term indicates that a plant has an affinity (similarity in structure) to a particular species, but that the actual identity is uncertain. The identity of such a plant may one day be confirmed as being a particular species or perhaps a new species. More likely it will stay “aff.” indefinitely.

How long is AFF course?

3-4 days
How long does the AFF course take? The duration of the course depends on each individual while each student sets his own pace for the jumps and depends also on other factors like weather, sunset times, condition etc. However, the average duration to finish the complete AFF course is appr. 3-4 days.

How many skydives do you need to become an instructor?

500 skydives
Not only do you need 500 skydives to become a Tandem Instructor, but you need to have been in the sport of skydiving for 3 years.

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