What is AFO and kafo?

What is AFO and kafo?

Adjustable AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis) and KAFO (Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis) Training Braces include adjustable double action ankle joints that come with or without spring assist. The joint can free swing or be set in a fixed position. The KAFO has a drop lock hinge at the knee joint.

What does kafo mean?

A Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis or KAFO is a lower extremity orthotic that is used to control instabilities in the knee and lower limb by maintaining proper alignment and controlling motion.

What does a kafo do?

A Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis (KAFO) is a long-leg orthosis that spans the entire leg in an effort to stabilize the joints and assist the muscles of the leg.

What is an SMO orthotic?

An SMO (Supramalleolar Orthosis) supports the foot just above the ankle bone or malleolus. SMOs are prescribed for patients who have soft, flexible, flat feet (pes planovalgus). They are mostly worn by children. The SMO is designed to maintain a vertical, or neutral, heel while also supporting the arches of the foot.

Who needs a kafo?

Stance control. Clinical indications for a KAFO include instability of the knee and ankle, quadriceps weakness or absence, hyperextension of the knee, varus or valgus deformity correction in children, and paralysis of one or both legs.

How do you put on a kafo?

How to Put on Your KAFO (Plastic and Metal)

  1. Apply a long sock on the foot needing the KAFO.
  2. While seated, position thigh and leg inside of the KAFO.
  3. Slide foot into brace.
  4. Apply tension to the Velcro instep and shin strap and pull for snugness.
  5. Then, finish fastening the rest of the straps up the thigh.

How long do toddlers wear SMO?

On average, a pair of Surestep SMOs will last anywhere from 6 – 12 months.

Why do toddlers need leg braces?

Many children with severe cerebral palsy simply are unable to maintain the correction over time, as high muscle tone will continue to exacerbate the problem. Corrective bracing is most useful in correcting limb-related issues, such as ankle, knee, wrist, or elbow problems.

How much does a kafo weigh?

A completed orthosis weighs between 3 and 4 pounds, and the user may choose to wear a variety of lightweight footwear.

Can you wear SMO without shoes?

Is It Ok To Wear The SMOs Without Shoes Around The House? Although wearing shoes around the house is ideal, especially for more active kids, sliding socks with grips or tread overtop of the SMOs can be an easy, comfortable alternative.

How do I know if my SMO is too small?

The best indication that the SMOs are too small is when the plastic is coming near a specific bone in the foot called the fifth metatarsal head. When this happens, it’s time for a new pair. What If My Child Is Complaining About Pain? Discomfort is another indication that the SMOs may be outgrown.

Why did Forrest Gump have leg braces?

Forrest was born with strong legs but a crooked spine. He was forced to wear leg braces which made walking difficult and running nearly impossible. This was likely attributed to polio, or “poliomyelitis,” a disabling and life-threatening disease caused by the poliovirus.

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