What is Alternate access mapping in SharePoint 2013?

What is Alternate access mapping in SharePoint 2013?

Alternate Access mapping is a Service, which helps SharePoint, that receives a request to the Web Application with an internal URL to one of the five zones to return the pages, which contain links to the public URL. AAMs allow SharePoint to replace those links with the public URL.

How do I create an alternate access mapping in SharePoint 2013?

Step 2: In Central Administration, click system settings from the left navigation. Then you will be navigated to the system settings page. Step 3: On the system setting page, in the “Farm Management” section select the “Configure Alternate Access Mappings”.

What is AAM zones?

Alternate access mappings enable a web application that receives a request for an internal URL in one of the five zones to return pages that contain links to the public URL for the zone. You can associate a web application by using a collection of mappings between internal and public URLs.

How do I configure alternate access mapping?

Add an internal URL On the Select an Alternate Access Mapping Collection page, click a mapping collection. In the Add internal URL section, in the URL protocol, host and port box, type the new internal URL (for example, https://www.fabrikam.com). In the Zone list, click the zone for the internal URL. Click Save.

What is extranet zone in SharePoint?

Zones represent different logical paths (URLs) of gaining access to the same Web application. The 5 possible zones are:· Default: · Intranet · Internet · Custom · ExtranetWhen you create a Web application, the Default zone is created. You can then extend the Web application to create other zones.

What is SharePoint default zone?

default zone in SharePoint Zones are different logical paths expressed as URLs that allow access to the same web application. The default zones in sharepoint is 5. A web application can support up to five Default Zones. The available zone names are Default, Extranet, Intranet, Internet, and Custom.

Where is SharePoint central administration?

Go to https://admin.microsoft.com in your web browser to open the Office 365 admin center. Then in the navigation pane or in the list of all admin centers, click SharePoint to open a SharePoint admin center.

How do I access central administration in SharePoint 2013?

Click Start of your Windows, select Administrative Tools and then click SharePoint 2013 Central Administration. Run it as an administrator to have elevated privileges.

How much does a SharePoint administrator make?

The average salary for a sharepoint administrator is $89,092 per year in the United States.

How do I navigate to SharePoint central administration?

How do I find my central admin URL?

Central Administration is the place where you can perform administration tasks from a central location. As we have already signed up for an Office 365, so we also have an administration site. Open the URL https://portal.office.com/ in the browser.

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