What is another way of saying first come first serve?

What is another way of saying first come first serve?

•first-come-first-serve (noun) unreserved.

What is the saying first come first?

You say ‘first come first served’ to indicate that a group of people or things will be dealt with or given something in the order in which they arrive. There will be five buses, first come first served.

What word means extremely unfortunate or unsuccessful?

abortive. adjectivefailing to achieve a goal. failed. failing. fruitless.

What is another word for at first?

What is another word for at first?

initially originally
at the outset beforehand
incipiently in the beginning
primarily to start with
at the beginning in the early stages

Who said first come first serve?

The prompt get first choice. This idea was stated by Chaucer (ca. 1386) in The Wife of Bath’s Tale, “Whoso first cometh to the mill, first grist,” and was cited as a proverb by Erasmus.

Is first come first serve fair?

The principle of first-come-first-served is simple, and it’s fair. Under the first-come-first-served system passengers arrive early and wait in line to get on to the plane because those who are first in line get the seat they want.

Is first come first serve an idiom?

First come, first served is a phrase popularized during the nineteenth century, though it may have been in use before that time. Note that the phrase first come, first serve is incorrect, the past tense form served should be used.

What is another word for not succeeding?

What is another word for not succeeding?

coming to naught breaking down
failing falling flat
falling through foundering
lacking success aborting
backfiring collapsing

What is the synonym of unsuccessful?

1’an unsuccessful attempt’ failed, without success, abortive, misfired. vain, in vain, futile, useless, pointless, worthless, nugatory. ineffective, ineffectual, inefficacious, unavailing, fruitless, profitless, unproductive.

What does first come first serve basis mean?

—used to say that the people who arrive earliest get served or treated before the people who arrive later The campsites are first come, first served, so we’d better get there early. The campsites are assigned on a first-come-first-serve basis. “Aren’t there any cookies left?” “Sorry—first come, first served.”

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