What is another word for odds?

What is another word for odds?

What is another word for odds?

chances likelihood
probability balance
feasibility percentage
plausibility chance
conceivability likeliness

What are the odds in a sentence?

3, The odds are very much in our favour . 4, She struggled against terrible odds to overcome her illness. 5, What are the odds he won’t turn up? 6, The odds are that she’ll win.

What do you mean by odd one out?

: the person or thing that is different from the other members of a group It looks like he’s the odd one out on this particular issue.

What do odds of 1/2 mean?

1/2: For every 2 units you stake, you will receive 1 unit if you win (plus your stake). Sometimes you will see Evens or EVS displayed. This is the equivalent of a 1/1 fraction. Again it means the horse in question is expected to win the race.

What does it mean 10 to 1 odds?

Fractions. Whenever you see two numbers separated by a slash, i.e. 10/1, this is a fractional betting odd. Fractional odds allow you to calculate how much money you will win on your bet in comparison to you stake. The number on the left(e.g. 10) is how much you will win.

What is the opposite of odds?

Opposite of the chances or likelihood of something happening or being the case. disadvantage. improbability. unlikelihood. doubtfulness.

When the odds are against you meaning?

If you say that the odds are against something or someone, you mean that they are unlikely to succeed.

Are chances odds?

Odds are ratios of a player’s chances of losing to his or her chances of winning, or the average frequency of a loss to the average frequency of a win. If a player owns 1 of 4 tickets, his/her probability is 1 in 4 but his/her odds are 3 to 1. That means that there are 3 chances of losing and only 1 chance of winning.

What is the example of odd one out?


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love, hatred, fear, greed, anger love – positive greed – not an emotion

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