What is B10 life of bearing?

What is B10 life of bearing?

The B10, or Bearing life, nomenclature refers to the point at which 10% of units in a population will fail. Alternatively, you can regard it as the 90% reliability of a population at a specific point in its lifetime.

What does L10 mean in bearing life?

In the simplest terms, L10 life is calculating, with 90% reliability, how many hours a bearing will last under a given load and speed.

What is L10 and L50 life of bearing?

L10 life: The preferred term in specifying bearing life. The L50 or average life is accepted as the bearing life associated with a 50% reliability, i.e., after a stated amount of time, only 50% of a group of identical bearings will not yet have developed metal fatigue. L50 life equals five times the L10 life.

What is BX life?

BX% life. The time at which X% of the units in a population will have failed. For example, if an item has a B10 life of 100 hours, then 10% of the population will have failed by 100 hours of operation.

What is B10 value?

The machine safety community has defined a number called the “B10 number.” It is a measure of time where 10% of a population of devices should have failed. Generally it is a measure of expected end of life or “useful life” as defined by the reliability engineering community.

What is L10 value?

By definition the L10 value is the level just exceeded for 10% of the time and takes account of any annoying peaks of noise.

What is L10 noise level?

L10 is often used when assessing traffic noise and in planning applications: L10 is the level exceeded for 10% of the time and takes account of any annoying peaks in noise. L50 is the level exceeded for 50% of the time. It is statistically the mid-point of the noise readings.

What is the minimum bearing life?

Table I

Operating Condition Minimum L10 Life (Hours)
Intermittent operation during day, service interruptions acceptable 8,000
Intermittent operation during day, reliability important 12,000
Continuous 1 shift operation 20,000
Continuous 2 shift operation 40,000

How do you calculate NX in a life table?

Standardize the life table per 1000 to allow for comparisons of life tables. nx = lx(1000) for each age category.

What is L10 life and why does it matter?

The well-known bearing life equation, often referred to as L10 life, is a fundamental element in the sizing and selection of recirculating linear bearings. Through statistical analysis and real-world testing, the L10 life equation can predict, with 90 percent reliability, the life that a recirculating bearing can be expected to achieve.

What is L10 life?

L10 life: is the preferred term in specifying bearing life and is defined by The American Bearing Manufacturers Association (ABMA).

What is bearing life?

Bearing life definition. Bearing life is defined as the number of revolutions (or the number of operating hours) at a given speed that the bearing is capable of enduring before the first sign of metal fatigue (spalling) occurs on a rolling element or the raceway of the inner or outer ring.

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