What is Balfour Beatty net worth?

What is Balfour Beatty net worth?

Balfour Beatty net worth as of December 21, 2021 is $2.13B. Balfour Beatty plc is an infrastructure services company.

Does Balfour Beatty still exist?

A constituent of the FTSE 250 Index, Balfour Beatty works across the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, Canada and South East Asia. By turnover and profit, Balfour Beatty was ranked in September 2018 as the biggest construction contractor in the United Kingdom.

What type of projects do Balfour Beatty delivery?

Rail. Balfour Beatty is one of the world’s leading fixed rail infrastructure contractors, delivering major multi-disciplinary projects, trackwork, electrification and, power supply, specialist plant, track systems and components and maintenance services.

How many employees work for Balfour Beatty?

26,000 employees
Balfour Beatty (balfourbeatty.com) is a leading international infrastructure group. With 26,000 employees, we provide innovative and efficient infrastructure that underpins our daily lives, supports communities and enables economic growth.

What is the size of Balfour Beatty?

Our main geographies are the UK, US and Hong Kong with 26,000 employees worldwide. Our customers are government departments and agencies, regulated utilities and private sector organisations.

How much does Leo Quinn earn?

This resulted in Quinn’s annual base salary falling from £800,000 to £773,000 and Harrison’s dropping from £406,000 to £397,000. CN’s analysis of executive pay last year revealed Leo Quinn to be the industry’s highest paid Plc executive.

Who is the chief executive of Balfour Beatty?

Leo Quinn (Jan 1, 2015–)
Balfour Beatty/CEO
Balfour Beatty Group Chief Executive and Founder of The 5% Club, Leo Quinn, has been appointed as Visiting Professor at the College of Business and Social Science at Aston University, Birmingham, in recognition of his contribution to business.

What are the 6 Balfour Beatty Behaviours?

Our values

  • We’re Lean: We create value for our customers and drive continuous improvement.
  • We’re Expert: Our highly skilled colleagues and partners set us apart.
  • We’re Trusted: We deliver on our promises and we do the right thing.
  • We’re Safe: We make safety personal.

Why are Balfour Beatty shares falling?

Why is the Balfour Beatty share price dropping? Despite being a construction company, its construction operations are not doing very well. In fact, its UK construction division reported a £23m loss over the last six months. These contracts are almost always fixed-price.

How many offices does Balfour Beatty have?

Balfour Beatty is headquartered in London, United Kingdom and has 18 office locations across 4 countries.

Where is Balfour Beatty head office?

London, United Kingdom
Balfour Beatty/Headquarters

Who is the chairman of Balfour Beatty?

Lord Charles Allen
Balfour Beatty has named Lord Charles Allen as its new chairman. The former ITV chief executive will join the board following the group’s AGM today and take over from current chair, Philip Aiken, at the end of July.

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