What is Biolog system?

What is Biolog system?

Biolog System The Biolog Microbial Identification System offers a fast and easy way to identify more than 2200 species of both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, yeast, and filamentous fungi. This system has excellent potential for the study of bacterial succession and dynamics even on the strain level.

What is Biolog in microbiology?

Biolog’s carbon source utilization technology identifies environmental and pathogenic microorganisms by producing a characteristic pattern or “metabolic fingerprint” from discrete test reactions performed within a 96 well microplate. …

What is Biolog analysis?

BIOLOG GN plates are increasingly used to characterize microbial communities by determining the ability of the communities to oxidize various carbon sources. Studies were done to determine whether the BIOLOG GN plate assay accurately reflects the catabolic potential of the inoculum used.

What is Biolog data?

About Us. Biolog is a world leader in cell-based phenotypic testing technologies and assays.

What are Biolog plates?

AN (Anaerobic) MicroPlates: A 96 well plate containing 95 carbon sources specifically selected for anaerobic bacteria using a colorimetric redox dye. Plates can be read in the OmniLog instrument which provides important advantages for throughput, kinetics, and accessing Biolog data analysis software.

What are Biolog assays?

Biolog phenotype assays achieve this by coupling tetrazolium dyes with minimally defined nutrients to measure the impact of hundreds of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous, and sulfur sources on redox reactions that result from compound-induced effects on the electron transport chain.

What is a Biolog plate used for?

Our results conclude that Biolog MicroPlates were developed for the rapid identification of bacterial isolates by sole-carbon source utilization and can be used for the identification of bacteria.

What do Biolog plates do?

Biolog EcoPlates have been found to provide a sensitive and reliable index of environmental change. This approach, called community-level physiological profiling, has been demonstrated to be effective at distinguished spatial and temporal changes in microbial communities.

How do Biolog EcoPlates work?

EcoPlate. A single substrate and a dye is present in each well. The substrate is a unique carbon source that can be used as energy by the bacteria. The numbers inside the circles each correspond to a particular substrate.

What is bio log?

Biolog is a world leader in cell-based phenotypic testing technologies and assays. We have focused our efforts on developing technologies and products to test properties of cells (phenotypes) very simply and efficiently.

How do Biolog Ecoplates work?

Why is it important to include a negative control well on the Biolog plate?

Why do you need to assay positive and negative control samples as well as your own experimental samples? Controls are needed to make sure the experiment worked. if there are no positive controls and the sample is negative, we can’t know if the sample was truly negative or if the assay process didn’t work.

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