What is Broly transformation called?

What is Broly transformation called?

Super Broly (超ブロリー, Chō Burorī) is the name given to Broly’s unique Super Saiyan transformation. It is a combination of the Super Saiyan transformation and the Wrath State, which itself is the Great Monkey Transformation’s power in human form.

What is Broly’s Saiyan name?

Alias The Legendary Super Saiyan
Species Saiyan
Family Paragus (father, deceased)

Is Broly a girl or boy?

Broly – Boy’s name meaning, origin, and popularity | BabyCenter.

What does Broly have around his waist?

In the film, Broly explains that the fur around his waist belongs to one of the giant monsters on Vampa. As a child, he ended up befriending one and naming it Bah. After Paragus shoots off Bah’s ear, it never trusts Broly again so Broly decides to keep Bah’s ear around his waist as a reminder of the friend he once had.

Is Broly a full blooded Saiyan?

Broly (ブロリー, Burorī) is a male pure-blooded Saiyan hailing from the planet Vegeta and the son of Paragus. He was born around the same time as Son Gokū and Vegeta.

How tall is Z Broly?

The official DBS Wiki, says that he is exactly 300 cm tall, meaning he is 3 meters tall or 9’10”. I assume it is in his Legendary Super Saiyan State which increases his muscle mass and height since his base form was around as tall as Goku.

What is the green fur on Broly?

As Broly reveals to his new friends, Freeza Force members Cheelai and Lemo, his fur is actually a pelt, taken from the ear of a creature named Ba, who lived on the Planet Vampa where Broly and his father Paragus were stranded for decades.

Does Broly have God Ki?

Broly also already has god ki because of his superior version of mimicry. This is shown when he battled Goku when Goku had to go ssg: Goku was stronger than Broly at that point, but to win and because his mimicry, he absorbed more of Goku’s god ki, to go pass himself and thrash Goku.

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