What is codecision in relation to the EU?

What is codecision in relation to the EU?

In European Union law, a decision is a legal instrument which is binding upon those individuals to which it is addressed. They are one of three kinds of legal instruments which may be effected under EU law which can have legally binding effects on individuals. Decisions may be addressed to member states or individuals.

What are the two main types of legislation passed by the EU?

There are two main types of EU law – primary and secondary.

How are decisions in the EU made?

The Parliament reviews the proposals and passes decisions together with the Council of Ministers. The Council of Ministers and Parliament approve the laws together. The Commission controls that decisions are followed in all member states.

What is a Trilogue EU?

A formal trilogue meeting, more commonly known as a trilogue, is a type of meeting used in the European Union (EU) legislative process. It takes its name from a literary form, the trilogue, which means a conversation with three parties. Trilogue negotiations are not provided for in EU treaties.

What are European Commission communications?

The Directorate-General for Communication is the Commission department responsible for explaining EU policies to outside audiences. It keeps the Commission abreast of political developments and of trends in public opinion and the media. It also coordinates communication campaigns within the Commission.

What is a Council decision?

Ordinary legislative procedure The Council is an essential EU decision-maker. It negotiates and adopts new EU legislation, adapts it when necessary, and coordinates policies. In most cases, the Council decides together with the European Parliament through the ordinary legislative procedure, also known as ‘codecision’.

What are the three main law making EU institutions?

The European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union are the three central legislative institutions of the European Union and are often referred to as the EU’s ‘institutional triangle’.

What are the four most important institutions of the European Union?

The main European Institutions are: the European Council, the European Commission, the Council of the European Union and the European Parliament.

What is codecision procedure?

The co-decision procedure is a legislative process introduced by the Treaty of Maastricht (Treaty on European Union) 1991 and now enshrined in Article 294 TFEU. Effectively, the Parliament has a veto power: it is able, by absolute majority vote, to block a proposed legislative measure.

Who runs European Union?

President of the European Commission
Flag of Europe
Incumbent Ursula von der Leyen since 1 December 2019
European Commission
Style President

What is the trialogue?

Definition of trialogue : a scene, discourse, or colloquy in which three persons share.

What is comitology in EU law?

EU laws sometimes authorise the European Commission to adopt implementing acts, which set conditions that ensure a given law is applied uniformly. Comitology refers to a set of procedures, including meetings of representative committees, that give EU countries a say in the implementing acts.

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