What is collective redundancy Ireland?

What is collective redundancy Ireland?

‘Collective redundancy’ is the making redundant within a period of 30 consecutive days, of a minimum number of employees, that minimum varying with the normal size of the establishment’s workforce.

What is meant by collective redundancy?

a situation in which a large number of employees of a company lose their jobs within a short period: In a collective redundancy situation, employers must consult with representatives of the affected employees.

What are the redundancy rules in Ireland?

The statutory redundancy payment is two week’s gross pay per year of service up to a ceiling of €600 per week plus one week’s pay, which is also subject to the ceiling of €600. This payment is tax-free.

What is an exceptional collective redundancy?

An exceptional collective redundancy is a dismissal, by reason of compulsory collective redundancy, which shall not be deemed a redundancy, where the dismissed employees are replaced by new workers doing the same job and performing the same tasks for lower wages.

What is the purpose of collective consultation?

Collective consultation is consultation of an employer with employee representatives or union representatives about proposed dismissals. In particular, the consultation must cover ways of: Avoiding the dismissals. Reducing the numbers of employees to be dismissed and.

How soon after being made redundant can the job be re advertised?

Therefore, generally, you should not recruit into a role that you have made redundant for a minimum of 6 months after the termination date of the employee.

What does collective consultation mean?

Collective Consultation is a process under which employers have to consult staff representatives as opposed to consulting with them individually. However, staff may need to be consulted individually as well, depending on the circumstances. Consultation is important in a wide variety of employment situations.

How much redundancy is tax free in Ireland?

If you receive a lump sum in compensation for the loss of employment, part of it may be tax free. The following payments are tax free: The statutory redundancy lump sum, A payment made on account of death, injury or disability, (subject to a maximum lifetime tax-free limit of €200,000)

What is the average redundancy package in Ireland?

Statutory Redundancy entitlement Everyone is entitled to compulsory Statutory redundancy with all packages. This entitlement allows you two weeks’ pay for every year of service plus one additional week’s pay. Payment is subject to a limit of €600 per week. This amount is tax-free.

How can collective consultation be avoided?

However, it is possible to avoid collective consultation obligation by splitting the redundancies time wise so that fewer than 20 dismissals take place within any 90 day period.

What happens collective consultation?

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