What is CPT code 68110?

What is CPT code 68110?

CPT® 68110, Under Excision and/or Destruction Procedures on the Conjunctiva. The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) code 68110 as maintained by American Medical Association, is a medical procedural code under the range – Excision and/or Destruction Procedures on the Conjunctiva.

When two different surgeons perform different components of surgery involving the skull base Do they code independently or together?

When two surgeons participate in the procedure together performing different parts of the procedure, then each surgeon reports the same code with modifier 62 [ Two Surgeons ] for co-surgery.

How do you fix Conjunctivochalasis?

There are many possible surgical procedures to treat conjunctivochalasis, all of which involve excising the excess tissue, tightening the loose tissue, or replacing the abnormal conjunctival tissue. Conjunctival cautery can be used to create superficial scarring and tightening of the tissue.

How do you treat Conjunctivochalasis?

Conjunctivochalasis surgery involves removing the conjunctival folds and in doing so, restoring the tear film so that it is smooth and can better lubricate the eyes. This should help to eliminate dry eye symptoms and make the eyes in general feel much more comfortable for the patient.

How do you calculate excision of a lesion?

In plain language, the excised diameter equals the length of the lesion at its longest point, plus two times the narrowest margin. For example, if the lesion measures 1 cm at its greatest, and the surgeon removes a margin of 0.5 cm on all sides, the total excised diameter is 2.0 cm (1.0 cm + [2 x 0.5 cm]).

Can you bill a co surgeon and an assistant surgeon?

4. Billing and Coding Requirements. For the procedures performed as co-surgery, both co-surgeons are expected to bill the exact same combination of procedure codes with modifier 62 appended. Additional procedures performed in the same operative session may be reported as primary surgeon or assistant surgeon.

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