What is Cspp Cisco?

What is Cspp Cisco?

CSPP, of course, being the Cisco Services Partner Program. For those unsure, CSPP is the umbrella term given by Cisco to its EMEA wide Services offering, incorporating discounts, rules and regulations, program offerings and, most importantly to Cisco partners, rebates.

What are the Cisco Partner levels?

There are four levels of specialization: Entry, Express, Advanced, and Master, each representing greater capabilities in sales, technical, and lifecycle services.

What is Cisco MIP?

Migration Incentive Program (MIP): Cisco introduced the Migration Incentive Program (MIP), designed to offer partners a compelling offer to migrate customers with legacy or competitive products to new Cisco technologies.

What does TPV mean Cisco?

Located on the Global Navigation Bar, Total Program View (TPV) consolidates data from multiple sources for a single view of Partner programs. TPV will be the primary source for Partners and Cisco to obtain status of ongoing program performance in terms of bookings metrics and payments.

What is a high touch engineer?

It connects you with Cisco senior-level networking experts when you face chronic or extensive infrastructure problems. Your high-touch engineer develops a comprehensive knowledge about your technology applications and your network infrastructure, to deliver support tailored to your particular situation.

What are the benefits of the Teaming Incentive Program tip?

With The Cisco Teaming Incentive Program, partners will benefit from an earlier engagement with the vendor to help increase their sales and value-add opportunities. The program not only encourages early sales engagements, but it also rewards partners for their investment.

What are the benefits of the Teaming Incentive Program TIP )?

6.1 The goal of TIP is to provide Channel Partners with additional discount when they support Cisco by completing pre-sales activities in eligible opportunities and not to discourage other Channel Partners from competing.

Who is Cisco’s largest partner?

The WWT and Cisco partnership began more than 25 years ago. Since then, we have become Cisco’s largest and most strategic global partner with more than $5.4B in Cisco sales and gold certifications in the US, Singapore, India and the UK.

What are the requirements to become a Cisco partner?

Registering as a Cisco partner is a free and easy process that can be completed in about fifteen minutes. You can get started by simply visiting www.cisco.com and clicking register in the top right corner of the page. The first step is to create a Cisco.com ID for the company admin and then activate it via email.

How do I get a Cisco deal?

From the Deals & Quotes tab, click Create Deal. 2. For Distributors only: Click Select a Partner. Select a partner or use the search field to associate a partner with the deal.

How do I become a Cisco Partner?

By becoming a Cisco partner, you can: Gain credibility: Capitalize on the Cisco brand, which commands recognition and respect in the marketplace. Acquire credentials: Market your certified Cisco expertise as a competitive differentiator to customers. Catch the momentum: Join the value-add partner program that is setting the pace in the industry.

What is Cisco Partner support services?

Partner Support Service (PSS) provides qualified Cisco channel partners with the tools and information to improve operational support margins or build a range of new support services practices to help expand your business. A collaborative PSS offering is purchased by you, and delivered by you, the partner, with the support of the Cisco

How to create a reseller program?

How to Create a Reseller Program Know the type of resellers you want. Not all resellers are created equal. Conduct an audit. Create content, content, and more content. Act global, think local. Co-finance lead generation initiatives for your resellers. Create partnership levels and reward systems. Conclusion.

What is Cisco select partner?

Cisco Select Certification recognizes and rewards partners that have achieved a Cisco Specialization , and reflects a partner’s technological and business expertise in a specific Cisco Technology. Unlock the next level of benefits.

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