What is Delrin 500P?

What is Delrin 500P?

Delrin® 500P is a general purpose medium viscosity acetal homopolymer for injection molding. It has improved processing thermal stability, a good combination of mechanical properties, and low VOC emissions.

Is Delrin a thermoplastic?

Delrin® is the engineering thermoplastic industry leaders prefer for high-load mechanical applications.

What is the natural color of Delrin?

Acetal Copolymer Standard colors are natural and black. Natural color is FDA, USDA, NSF, Canada AG and 3A-Dairy compliant. Applications include bushings, rollers, and pulleys.

What is NC010?

Black Delrin 150 NC010 It is a crystalline plastic which uses a breakthrough in stabilization technology by offering an excellent balance of desirable properties that bridge the gap between metals and plastics. In many important mechanical and structural applications, Delrin will replace metals.

Is Delrin expensive?

In addition to its properties – Delrin is a relatively inexpensive material compared to PTFE and even PA66. This makes it a sought after choice in machined component development – as the parts are dimensionally very stable and significant trials can be done without being too expensive.

What durometer is Delrin?

Delrin AF Blend

Specification Test Value
Hardness, Durometer (Shore “D” scale) D2240 D83
Hardness, Rockwell (Scale as noted) D785 115
Izod Impact, Notched @ 73°F D256 Type A 0.7
Coefficient of Friction (Dry vs Steel) Static PTM 55007 0.20

Can Delrin be machined?

It’s true that Delrin is an easy material to work with in terms of machining. It is a very stable material, which makes precise, tight tolerances easier to achieve for this thermoplastic. While machining, keep in mind that Delrin is sensitive to heat at or above 250 °F (121°C).

Is Delrin FDA approved?

The list of FDA approved plastics includes at least some grades of: ABS. Acetal Copolymer. Delrin aka (also known as) acetal homopolymer.

Is Delrin medical grade?

Delrin® SC is the industry-leading acetal for medical devices that require the highest mechanical properties. For the highest rigidity, best spring-like forces, low creep, and USP Class VI and ISO 109993 compliance, Delrin® acetal is the superior medical polymer material.

Is Delrin brittle?

Thermal Properties Delrin does not use plasticizing for toughness: and so does not become brittle at low temperatures. Impact resistance at -40° F is only 20% less than that at room temperature.

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