What is difference between LAN MAN and WAN?

What is difference between LAN MAN and WAN?

LAN stands for local area network. MAN stands for metropolitan area network. WAN stands for wide area network. Operates in small areas such as the same building or campus.

What are the difference between LAN and WAN Class 8?

Answer: LAN is a computer network that connects computers in small areas. WAN is a network that covers a broad area using private or public network transports. A LAN network includes a couple of computer systems connected to each other, with one system connected to a router, modem or an outlet for internet access.

What is the difference between LAN and wireless LAN?

WLAN stands for Wireless Local Area Network. LAN connections include both wired and wireless connections. WLAN connections are completely wireless. LAN network is a collection of computers or other such network devices in a particular location that are connected together by communication elements or network elements.

What is difference between PAN and LAN?

Conceptually, the difference between a PAN and a wireless LAN is that the former tends to be centered around one person while the latter is a local area network (LAN) that is connected without wires and serving multiple users.

What is the LAN WAN port on a modem used for?

WAN port is used to connect with a modem for Internet source while LAN port is utilized to share that Internet connection with all devices associated to routers such as a computer, printer, and mobile phones. The user needs to know what is the difference between these ports while connecting a home router to the Internet.

What is the difference between the Internet and a WAN?

The Internet is a global web of interconnected computer networks,using the TCP/IP protocol to connect computers worldwide.

  • Wide Area Network (WAN) is an example of the Internet,while the Local Area Network (LAN) is an Ethernet example.
  • Ethernet is safer than the internet.
  • What is Wan and its features?

    WAN include ISP cloud which have high speed links, branch offices connected with ISDN, ATM, BRI/PRI, E1/T1, Frame-relay etc. So WAN is running with large variety of protocols and providing different services. WAN communication subnet can use the public packet-switched networks, satellite communication networks and wireless packet switching network.

    What does Wan stand for?

    WAN stands for Wide Area Network. This is a bit more complicated as WANs can be both private or public. A private WAN is often used by companies to connect their offices together.

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