What is Digi 002?

What is Digi 002?

Digi 002, Digidesign’s FireWire-based Pro Tools system, is your Pro Tools “studio-in-a-box,” with integrated control surface, built-in Pro Tools LE, I/O options, and the ability to work as both a stand-alone digital mixer and a control surface for Pro Tools.

Does Digi 002 work with Pro Tools 12?

Re: Protools 12 and the Digi002 rack doesn’t support it. Windows 8.1, PT 12.2. 1 and 002 Rack – no issues, works just fine.

Does Digi 002 work Windows 7?

My 002R works just fine in Windows 7, in both Pro Tools and all other applications (except for the reverse latency bug in Pro Tools itself). The drivers are installed with the Pro Tools 8.0.

Does Pro Tools 12 need an interface?

All Pro Tools|HD hardware systems require the presence of at least one Pro Tools|HD audio interface (purchased separately). Additional interfaces can be added to extend your I/O capabilities.

Does Pro Tools 12 work with any interface?

What interfaces are compatible with Pro Tools? If you want to use Pro Tools then you can use any interface that supports Core Audio on Mac and ASIO on Windows.

Can I use focusrite with Pro Tools?

Can I use Focusrite hardware with Pro Tools LE, Pro Tools Express or Pro Tools M-Powered. Pro Tools LE, Pro Tools Express and Pro Tools M-Powered are not compatible with third-party audio interfaces and so will not work with any Focusrite audio interfaces.

Does Pro Tools require a sound card?

Re: Do I NEED an external sound card to run Protools? An external interface and monitors and/or headphones is really needed. if you have an interface you cannot play over the PCs built in speakers.

Do I need an audio interface to use Pro Tools?

You don’t need an external audio interface to use Pro Tools, the simple internal audio of your computer can be accessed with the “Pro Tools Aggregate I/O” or “Core Audio” (if you are on a Mac).

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