What is done in triage?

What is done in triage?

Triage: The process of sorting people based on their need for immediate medical treatment as compared to their chance of benefiting from such care. Triage is done in emergency rooms, disasters, and wars, when limited medical resources must be allocated to maximize the number of survivors.

What is triage at the hospital?

The meaning of triage is “to sort or sift.” In the medical sense, triage is a system of collecting patient information and prioritizing patient care.

What do you call a person who does triage?

of, relating to, or performing the task of triage: a triage officer. …

What happens if you leave ER after triage?

Even after being triaged, they are still left to go and will not be charged. Such emergency rooms are however very few and although they will not charge you, they highly prohibit such habits. They will sometimes levy a penalty on you if you are a repeat offender; leaving more than once before being seen.

How do you triage a situation?


  1. identify the patient.
  2. bear record of assessment findings.
  3. identify the priority of the patient’s need for medical treatment and transport from the emergency scene.
  4. track the patients’ progress through the triage process.
  5. identify additional hazards such as contamination.

Why triaging is important in emergency nursing?

In the emergency department, it is important to identify and prioritize who requires an urgent intervention in a short time. Triage helps recognize the urgency among patients. An accurate triage decision helps patients receive the emergency service in the most appropriate time.

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