What is equivalent form example?

What is equivalent form example?

to describe the same part of the bar. This can be expressed by writing 45=2025 which means that 45 and 2025 are equivalent to each other.

What is equivalent form of reliability?

Equivalent forms reliability is a term used in psychometrics (the measurement of intelligence, skills, aptitudes, etc.) to determine whether or not two or more forms of tests that are designed to measure some aspect of mentality are truly equivalent to one another.

What is an example of parallel forms reliability?

Parallel forms reliability example Both groups take both tests: group A takes test A first, and group B takes test B first. The results of the two tests are compared, and the results are almost identical, indicating high parallel forms reliability.

How is equivalent form reliability measured?

Equivalent-forms reliability is established in a manner similar to test-retest. Scores are obtained from the same group of people, but the scores are taken from different forms of a test. The different forms of the test (or instrument) are designed to measure the same thing, the same construct.

What is equivalent form method?

A testing method using two similar instruments to obtain the same or very similar measurements of a single object.

What does equivalent form mean?

Definition: Equivalent Form. EQUIVALENT FORM : Things can be exchanged on the market because they are always related to a third thing, abstract human labor, which functions as the equivalent form of the commodity.

How do you write expressions in equivalent form problem solving?

Writing expressions in equivalent forms to solve problems

  1. Rewrite rational expressions by seeing the expression as division of the numerator by the denominator.
  2. Identify the zeros of a quadratic function in standard form by factoring.
  3. Find the maximum or minimum value of a quadratic function by rewriting in vertex form.

What is the equivalent form of a rational number?

Two rational numbers are said to be equivalent if their lowest forms are the same. For example, 2/3 and 18/27 are equivalent because when these are reduced to their lowest forms, they give the same value. These numbers are the same as equivalent fractions, such as 1/2, 2/4, and 4/6.

What is an example of split-half reliability?

A test can be split in half in several ways, e.g. first half and second half, or by odd and even numbers. For example, any items on separate halves of a test which have a low correlation (e.g. r = . 25) should either be removed or re-written. The split-half method is a quick and easy way to establish reliability.

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