What is ER5356 MIG wire?

What is ER5356 MIG wire?

ER5356 is a general-purpose type aluminum alloy which is typically chosen for its relatively high shear strength. In addition, it also offers excellent corrosion resistance when exposed to salt water. ER5356 should be considered for welding 5000 series aluminum base metals. Typical Applications: welding filler wire.

What is ER4043 used to weld?

ER4043 (commonly referred to as ALSi-5) is a 5% Silicon Aluminum filler metal that is used primarily for welding Aluminum Alloys 3003, 3004, 5052, 6061, 6063 and Casting Alloys 43, 355, 356, and 214. ER4043 has a melting range of 1,065°F – 1,170°F.

What is ER5356?

ER5356 (commonly referred to as ALMg-5) is a 5% Magnesium Aluminum Alloy filler metal that is used to weld Aluminum Alloys 5050, 5052, 5083, 5356, 5454, and 5456. The post-anodizing color tint is white making it a good choice for anodizing applications.

Is ER4043 heat treatable?

Pinnacle Alloys ER4043 is a 5% silicon, all position aluminum weld wire used to weld heat treatable alloys such as the 6XXX base metals and cast alloys. It can be found in many common welding applications, such as bicycles, trucks, trailers, and automotive parts and equipment.

What gas do you use to weld aluminum?

A – There are two shielding gases commonly used for arc welding aluminum, and these are argon and helium. These gases are used as pure argon, pure helium and various mixtures of both argon and helium. Excellent welds are often produced using pure argon as a shielding gas.

Can you weld aluminum with a flux core welder?

But no success. The products are solid aluminum, or flux core steel wire. They won’t work on aluminum, or needs a shielding gas.

What is the best gas for MIG welding aluminum?

Pure argon
Pure argon is the most popular shielding gas and is often used for both gas metal arc and gas tungsten arc welding of aluminum. Mixtures of argon and helium are probably the next common, and pure helium is generally only used for some specialized GTAW applications.

What is 4043 filler rod used for?

4043 is an aluminum/silicon filler metal designed for welding heat treatable base metals and is a common choice for welding 6061. 4043 offers good fluidity and less crack sensitivity than 5356 when welding 6000 series base metals.

Can I use nitrogen instead of argon for welding?

Arc welding, where nitrogen becomes reactive in the presence of the electric arc, and in window insulation where argon has a much lower thermal conductivity than nitrogen. In almost all other uses of the gases, nitrogen is the better choice.

What is 4043 wire used for in a MIG welder?

4043 and 5356 are the two most commonly used Aluminum filler metals in a MIG welder. 4043 is a general purpose Aluminum welding wire. The addition of silicon makes welding easier as it is more forgiving to the person welding.

What is the difference between 4043 and 5356 wire?

4043 has lower ductility than that of 5356. This may be of some consideration if forming, after welding is to be carried out. 4043 has lower shear strength than that of 5356 (see Fig 1). This may be of consideration when calculating the size of fillet welds. 4043 is a softer alloy in the form of spooled wire, when compared to 5356.

Should I use 4043 or 5356 for my service temperature?

We always refer to the table below; it is a great reference chart. If the chart shows that you can use either 4043 or 5356 then there are a few more things we need to consider: Service temperature: If service temperature will exceed 150F (65C) 5356 should not be used.

Can You Weld 4043 with 5356?

At temperature above 150F this alloy is susceptible to stress corrosion Anodizing: If the welded assembly will be anodized 5356 should be used because the weld will color match the base material. A weld with 4043 that is anodized will stick out since it will anodize a dark gray.

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