What is eyebrow tattooing?

What is eyebrow tattooing?

Eyebrow tattoos are a form of light tattooing where a digital tool/machine is used to make hair stroke tattoo lines to implant pigment under your skin. Eyebrow tattoos look like natural hair-like strokes but are fuller than microblading strokes for more of a powder like finish once healed.

Will Shelly change the shape of my eyebrow tattoo?

Absolutely not! Shelly will actually use your existing eyebrow to determine the perfect shape of your new eyebrow tattoo. She takes lots of time using stencils first, then tweaking them usually with the help of other stylists – to get them just right. All along the way, you will give your input and final approval before she begins.

How many eyebrows are in a sheet of eyebrow tattoo?

This popular, realistic shape is featured in 11 different shades to match your hair color and comes 8 to 10 pair of brows to a sheet (one sheet per order). This popular shape is 2 1/4 inches wide. Once applied, our eyebrow tattoos do not smudge or smear away.

What is a hair stroke eyebrow?

Hair stroke eyebrow tattoos will give you a full eyebrow with a soft powder filled look. If you want a soft, more solid brow, you will love this procedure (and the time saved by not applying makeup)! An eyebrow tattoo is done with a digital tool/machine using a hair stroke technique.

Are eyebrows tattoos a fashion statement or a style statement?

For them, eyebrow tattoos are more like a fashion statement. The stylish eyebrow tattoo gives them the full opportunity to style their own tattoos, give it that sassy and cool look and also flaunt it after the masterpiece has been created. 5. Thin Eyebrows Tattoo Design:

What is the difference between a permanent and semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo?

For a permanent eyebrow tattoo, the artist uses ink and inserts it deeply into the skin. A semi-permanent tattoo, however, uses pigment instead of ink and isn’t injected as deeply as a normal tattoo. Additionally, ink fades differently than pigment, developing an artificial-looking, blue-green hue as it vanishes.

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