What is Giant Eagle Advantage?

What is Giant Eagle Advantage?

Called AdvantagePAY, the program gives members a savings of 5 to 30 cents per gallons each time they fill up at a GetGo fuel center. To get the instant discount, customers sign up and then scan and pay using their Giant Eagle/GetGo Advantage Card.

What is ADV pay at Giant Eagle?

The Pittsburgh-based retailer’s new AdvantagePay program launched this week and will offer extra discounts between 5 and 30 cents per gallon that can be combined with its Fuelperks+ benefits. Enrolled cardholders will be able to simply scan—and now pay—via their Advantage Card to get the instant fuel discount.

Do you get a discount at Giant Eagle?

Team Members receive a 10% discount on Own Brands products.

How does Advantage card work?

How Does the Boots Advantage Card Work? Like many loyalty cards, you earn points on money spent in-store or online. Once your Boots Advantage points have accumulated, you can redeem your points to pay for your shopping. Do note though – This does not mean you can knock the points value off your shopping.

How long does Giant Eagle Fuel Perks last?

two months
Perks expire on rolling Tuesday cycles, two months after the month in which they are earned. Customers are randomly assigned to the first, second, third or fourth Tuesday of the month and perks will always expire on that Tuesday, no less than two months after the month in which the perks were earned.

Can I use my Rickers card at GetGo?

For Former Ricker’s Member Price Customers If you signed up for Member Price with your Ricker’s Rewards card, your info is still safe and your savings will continue with GetGo. There’s nothing you need to do! Keep scanning your Ricker’s Rewards card at the pump to get your discount.

How long does Giant Eagle fuelperks last?

How do I use clipped coupons at Giant Eagle?

Giant Eagle’s store digital coupons are called “eCoupons.” Just go to the Giant Eagle digital eCoupon page or use the Giant Eagle app, make sure you’re signed into your Advantage Card account, and tap, or “clip” as many eCoupons as you want! Once you clip these digital coupons, they get added to your account.

What are Advantage points worth?

The Advantage Card loyalty scheme normally rewards customers with four points for every £1 spent in Boots stores – with each point being worth 1p when spent in store.

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