What is included in a discography?

What is included in a discography?

A discography is a list, in descriptive detail, of sound recordings; also the research and systems employed in compiling such a list. The term has come to cover the listing of cylinder, compact disc, and tape recordings and other sound-retaining devices as well as vinyl discs.

What is a selected discography?

Discography is the study and cataloging of published sound recordings, often by specified artists or within identified music genres. Another, more recent, definition of discography refers to a collection of musical recordings by a performer or composer, considered as a body of work.

Why is Kraftwerk important?

Kraftwerk influenced other forms of music such as hip hop, house, and drum and bass, and they are also regarded as pioneers of the electro genre. Most notably, “Trans Europe Express” and “Numbers” were interpolated into “Planet Rock” by Afrika Bambaataa & the Soul Sonic Force, one of the earliest hip-hop/electro hits.

What type of music is Kraftwerk?

Electronic dance music

What Discology means?

the study of gramophone records
/ (dɪsˈkɒlədʒɪ) / noun. the study of gramophone records.

What is an Authors discography called?

The oeuvre of a writer or artist refers to all their work combined. An oeuvre is the total output of an artist.

How do you use discography in a sentence?

Discography sentence example

  1. You are building up quite an impressive discography of material!
  2. The booklet features a complete discography plus sleeve notes by the band.
  3. Hodes’s story includes almost thirty photographs and a comprehensive discography , filling a gap in the world of jazz literature.

What did Kraftwerk invent?

But even as the imagery and allusions harked back to the lost futurism of early 20th Century movements like Suprematism and Bauhaus, the music itself pushed forward into the future. Kraftwerk were inventing the ’80s, building the foundations of synth-pop and sequencer-propelled club music.

What does Kraftwerk mean in English?

English Translation. power plant. More meanings for Kraftwerk. power station noun.

What is Kraftwerk most famous song?

Kraftwerk: their 30 greatest songs, ranked!

  1. Trans-Europe Express (1977) The quintessential example of why Kraftwerk are the most influential pop group since the Beatles.
  2. Radioactivity (1991 version)
  3. Neon Lights (1978)
  4. Computer Love (1981)
  5. Autobahn (1974)
  6. The Robots (1978)
  7. Pocket Calculator (1981)
  8. Tour de France (1983)

Why is it called a discography?

Discography is the study and listing of sound recordings. The word comes from the word “disc”, which is the most commonly used term for describing the format used most for sound recordings in the 20th century, and the -graph suffix meaning something written.

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