What is included in a Microsoft Action Pack subscription?

What is included in a Microsoft Action Pack subscription?

Microsoft Action Pack subscription benefits / pros: Access to very expensive products & services for just $475/year. Five advisory hours with a Partner Technical Consultant. Up to 10 product support incidents. Access to curated resources to take your solution from idea to market.

How do I redeem my Microsoft Action Pack subscription?

Re: Microsoft Action Pack Office365 E3 subscription Please go into your Partner Center, benefits tab if i’m not mistaken. Products for the Action Pack acquired should show there with the token to redeem. Below the token there should be a link to activate that token to your Office 365 tenant.

How do I access Microsoft Action Pack?

Go to your Membership offers page. Select Microsoft Action Pack Subscription to view your subscription details.

Where do I renew my Action Pack?

Step 3: Renew (or purchase) your competency or Microsoft Action Pack. All offers eligible to be purchased or renewed will be listed on Partner Center in the membership offers section. You can renew up to 30 days after your anniversary date.

Do Microsoft Action Pack licenses expire?

That date is 1 year from when you redeemed those keys, not on the anniversary of your MAPS. Windows/Office/Server/etc keys will technically speaking continue to work, however they will not be licensed and continuing to use them will be basically the same as piracy.

What are action packs?

Action Pack is a framework for handling and responding to web requests. It provides mechanisms for routing (mapping request URLs to actions), defining controllers that implement actions, and generating responses by rendering views, which are templates of various formats.

Does Microsoft 365 give you a product key?

If you buy Microsoft 365 as a digital download from us, there is no product key.

How do I turn off Microsoft Action Pack?

Turn off automatic Action Pack subscription renewal Select Turn off automatic renewal if you don’t want your Action Pack subscription to renew automatically each year.

How much does the Microsoft Action Pack cost?

Microsoft has a well-kept secret available called the Microsoft Action Pack. The Action Pack subscription costs $475 USD per year and some of its benefits include: Three copies of Visual Studio Professional. 10 Windows 10 Profession or Enterprise licenses.

What is Action Pack?

How do I become a Microsoft reseller?

9 steps to get started partnering with Microsoft for US Partners

  1. Join the Microsoft Partner Network.
  2. Manage your membership.
  3. Activate your referrals, IURs and more.
  4. Access training and work toward a competency.
  5. Build a cloud practice.
  6. Utilize sales and marketing resources.
  7. Program incentives.
  8. Support is just a click away.

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