What is INOA Oxydant?

What is INOA Oxydant?

L’Oréal Professionnel INOA Oxydant Riche is the first oxidant to contain ODS technology. Providing optimised scalp comfort, ammonia free, and odourless and therefore transforms the colouring experience. Delivering up to 16 applications, this oxidant is incredible value for money.

Can I use INOA without developer?

You should use the inoa developer as inoa is a little different from some other hair colors products in that it does not contain some of the harsher ingredients and so it is advisable to use their own developer, I would not risk using a different brand.

Does Inoa cover GREY hair?

INOA Supreme is the first ammonia-free anti-aging permanent hair colour to safely cover grey hair. If you have around 70-100% white hair then INOA Supreme is for you – always providing optimal grey hair coverage and age-defying natural results.

Is oxidizer and developer the same?

A oxidant is also called developer or emulsion, in the field of hair colors it is usually hydrogen peroxide. A developer is always used in conjunction with color formers, i.e., oxidation dyes. A oxidant is thus an important part of a hair color.

What can I substitute for hair developer?

You can use 6% hydrogen peroxide instead of 20 volume developer. 9% instead of 30 volume and 12% instead of 40 volume.

How do you mix Inoa Supreme?

How to use

  1. Mixing ratio: 1:1 (60 ml of Inoa Suprême + 60 ml of developer)
  2. Development time: 30 min.
  3. Developer: Inoa Rich Oxidant ODS 6% (20 volume)

How long does INOA hair color last?

INOA is a revolutionary colour in that it is the first 100% ammonia free odourless permanent colourant range with optimised scalp comfort and respect for the hair – INOA leaves the hair intensely hydrated for up to six weeks, shiny and smooth whilst delivering the best pure and intense colour result!

Does INOA cover white hair?

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