What is M Disc BDR?

What is M Disc BDR?

Verbatim M DISC™ optical media is the new standard for digital archival storage. Unlike traditional optical media, which utilize dyes that can break down over time, data stored on an M DISC is engraved on a patented inorganic write layer – it will not fade or deteriorate.

Is M Disc same as Blu-ray?

TLDR answer is BDXL is regular BluRay but with lots of capacity. M-Disc Is the same but more expensive because it can last much longer (a thousand years manufacturer claims) and is mainly used for long term archiving.

Are M discs still available?

As of 2021, M DISC capable drives are still available. Like all optical discs, M DISCs would still be susceptible to scratches, breakage, fire and theft, and rely on working optical drives being available to read them.

Are M discs worth it?

If you’re looking for affordable optical media with higher capacity, this is the way to go. M-disc will survive a lot more than a standard BD-R disc will. That extra heartiness will cost you 3 times the price, but at $11 per disc, it’s worth it.

What is M-DISC compatible?

It is a specific type of DVD. It is excellent for archiving precious digital data such as family histories and photo albums. It can hold files of any type & can be an exact copy of a pre-existing DVD. M-Disc can be read on any computer which can read a DVD.

Do I need a special burner for M-DISC?

What burning software is compatible with an M-DISC? M-Disc (whether DVD, Blu-ray, or BDXL) can be used with any software package you want to use. The data engraving process that makes M-Disc so reliable and durable happens entirely within the drive.

How long will M-DISC last?

1000 years
M-DISC’s design is intended to provide greater archival media longevity. Millenniata claims that properly stored M-DISC DVD recordings will last 1000 years.

Can a DVD player play M-DISC?

The M-Disc DVDs and Blu-Rays can be read by standard players (as long as they can read regular burned discs). But they are great in a Blu-ray player.

How long will m-disc last?

Can a DVD player play M-disc?

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