What is Mac in the Fever series?

What is Mac in the Fever series?

MacKayla Evelina Lane O’Connor (Mac for short) is the main important character in the entire Fever series. She is a 23 year old female. Mac is the adopted daughter of Jack and Rainey Lane and biological daughter of Isla O’Connor.

Will the Fever series become a movie?

Though the two sets of stories are different in feel, With such a complex and well written story as Moning’s Fever series, it’s no wonder that the film rights have been optioned by Twentieth Century Fox/New Regency. Unfortunately for the fans, Moning has no say in the production or casting for the movie(s).

Is the Fever series complete?

The first 5 books may be read together as a COMPLETED series and should be read in order. It is one continuous story. Each book starts right where the previous one left off. And the SERIES ending is a HEA.

Who is MacKayla lanes father?

MACKAYLA LANE (O’CONNOR): Main character, female, twenty-three, adopted daughter of Jack and Rainey Lane, biological daughter of Isla O’Connor. Blond hair, green eyes, had an idyllic, sheltered childhood in the Deep South.

Who is Jericho Barrons in the Fever Series?

Jericho Barrons is a character in the Fever Series. He is a bookstore owner, antiquities collector and not-quite human. He is hunting the Sinsar Dubh.

How many books will be in the Fever Series?

11 book
FEVER SERIES (11 book series) Kindle Edition. MacKayla Lane’s life is good.

Who Killed Mac’s sister?

Alina was killed by Rowena, who magically forced Dani O’Malley to trap her in an alley with a pair of deadly Unseelie.

Who is the unseelie King in Shadowfever?

DREAMY-EYED GUY: (aka DEG, see also Unseelie King) The Unseelie King is too enormous and complex to exist in human form unless he divides himself into multiple “skins.” The Dreamy-Eyed Guy is one of the Unseelie King’s many human forms and first appeared in Darkfever when Mac was searching a local museum for objects of …

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