What is meant by center of interest?

What is meant by center of interest?

A center of interest is that part of the picture which attracts the mind. A focal point is that area of a picture that attracts the eye. Examples of centers of interest are eyes and faces, the human figure, animals, letters, numbers and symbols, and man-made objects.

What is COMI proceedings?

‘COMI proceedings means insolvency proceedings in England and Wales to which the EU Regulation applies where the centre of the debtor’s main interests is in the UK’

What is COMI means?


Acronym Definition
COMI Conditional Move Instructions
COMI Curse of Monkey Island (computer game)
COMI Centre of Main Interest (legal)
COMI Coalition on Mental Illness (Texas)

What are secondary insolvency proceedings?

A secondary proceeding is – in short – a separate insolvency proceeding that can be opened in a Member State after6 a main proceeding has already commenced in another Member State. Insolvency Regulation ten years after its entry into force.

What is another word for center of interest?

What is another word for centre of interest?

centrepieceUK highlight
cynosure hub
climax focus
magnet core
epergne heart

Is emphasis the center of interest?

Emphasis refers to the created center of interest, the place in an artwork where your eye first lands.

Who is Commy?

commie Add to list Share. Commie is derogatory slang for communist. A commie is a communist, a person who favors the eventual creation of a classless society in which goods are equally shared between all citizens. This word was most common in the 1950s, during the strongly anti-communist era of the US.

What is Comi law?

Related Content. The jurisdiction with which a person or company is most closely associated for the purposes of cross-border insolvency proceedings.

What are synonyms for center?

synonyms for center

  • inside.
  • interior.
  • intermediary.
  • intermediate.
  • mean.
  • midpoint.
  • midway.
  • at halfway point.

Which of the following is another word for center?

What is another word for center?

hub base
heart mecca
nucleus core
hotbed locus
nexus axis

What is the center of interest in an image?

The center of interest or focal point in a photo is the predominant feature in the image, the feature to which the viewer is first attracted. When you create a photograph of a landscape, look for a predominant feature to be your center of interest.

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