What is museology course?

What is museology course?

Museology is a study of museums. It deals in exploring the history of museums, their role in society, as well as the activities they engage in like curating, preservation, public programming & education.

How can I become a Museologist in India?

Career in Museology: Eligibility Criteria

  1. Candidate should have passed class 12th in humanities stream.
  2. Candidate should obtain the minimum required percentage as aggregate.
  3. Candidate should have passed class 12th from a recognized school and board.

What is museography and museology?

Museography is, according to Riviere, a set of technical and practical principles implemented in museums. On the other hand, museology is becoming the domain of artists who apply its experiences and theories for building their own projects, frequently based on the ‘religion of the object’, practised in museums.

How can I get admission in Archaeology?

The candidate can be from any stream. MA in Archaeology: The candidate needs to have done their graduation from a recognised university and should have secured a minimum of 45%. The candidate should also have done their BA in Archaeology/History/Museology or any similar field to be eligible.

What is the difference between museum and museology?

is that museum is a building or institution dedicated to the acquisition, conservation, study, exhibition, and educational interpretation of objects having scientific, historical, cultural or artistic value while museology is the design, organization, and management of museums.

Which course is best for Archaeology?

Master Courses: MA in Ancient Indian History and Archaeology. Master of Science in Archaeology. Master of Philosophy in Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology. Post-Graduate Diploma in Archaeology.

What is Archaeology and Museology?

B.A. (Archaeology and Museology) or Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology and Museology In this course, you will be studying the ancient past through material evidence such as manuscripts, art pieces, tools, earthenware, pottery, structures, buildings, graves, etc.

Who can take up museology courses in India?

Broadly speaking anyone with a background of History, Archaeology, Art, Indian History and Culture, Fine Arts and Sanskrit can take up this course. If you are interested in Arts, History, Archaeology, Art History and perseverance of culture, you can take up Museology courses in India.

How is the museology department at Chandigarh University?

History of the department : The Museology Department of CU is one of the pioneering in India. The Department offers two-year full time MA/ MSc degrees and research degrees at Doctoral & Post-Doctoral levels. Every year students of this Department succeed in the NET-Examination, conducted by the UGC.

What is the duration of a museumology course?

As far as Museology is concerned it is the diachronic study of museums and how they have established and developed in their role as an educational mechanism under social and political pressures. The duration of the course on a regular basis is two years and it may fluctuate from institute to institute.

What is syllabus of museology?

Syllabus of Museology as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges. Sem. I The course is suitable for those who have the capability of applying theoretical, scientific principles and concepts to archaeological problems, field-work techniques of identification, surveying, recording, excavation and sampling.

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