What is NXT for lense?

What is NXT for lense?

To put it simply, NXT is a technology used to increase the longevity and durability of photochromic lenses. NXT technology increases optic quality, providing optimal visual crispness and clarity. These types of lenses also have a higher scratch resistance and they are completely unbreakable.

What is NXT material?

They are made with made with a Trivex material, an advanced polymer technology that provides strong impact resistance, optical purity, and lightweight performance. Every NXT lens is engineered to produce a specific spectral curve that optimizes transmittance across the entire light spectrum.

Are Trivex lenses worth it?

Trivex lenses tend to cost more than polycarbonate or standard plastic lenses. But if you want what many eye care professionals consider to be the best combination of safety, comfort, appearance and optical performance for most eyeglass prescriptions, the Trivex price tag may be an investment worth making.

Are Trivex lenses polarized?

This Trivex color-boosting lens is polarized to eliminate glare bouncing off surfaces, such as water, sand, and roads. Fisherman are especially interested in polarization because it eliminates glare bouncing off the surface of the water and allows viewing the fish below the surface.

Who created Trivex?

In 2001, PPG Industries created a new purpose for a breakthrough plastic technology called Trivex. The urethane-based pre-polymer substance would come to offer three primary benefits for eyeglass lenses, including: Exceptional optical clarity. High-performance strength.

Is Trivex thinner than poly?

Summary. Trivex has the impact resistance and inherent UV protection of polycarbonate. With a lower index of refraction, Trivex may be slightly thicker than polycarbonate, but is lighter, and can be surfaced to the same 1mm center thickness.

Is trivex anti fog?

Trivex has the same advantages as polycarbonate such as 100% protection against UV and superior impact strength. Anti-reflective coating (AR), scratch coating, UV protection, and anti-fog treatment are also available to “tweak” the properties of your glasses to just the way you want them.

What is polycarbonate sunglass?

A polycarbonate lens is a lens made of a thermoplastic polymer of the carbonate group. Polycarbonate lenses are preferred over glass lenses by eyewear users, sportsmen and other eye protector users because of its lightweight, ultra violet (UV) and impact resistance properties.

Is Trivex stronger than polycarbonate?

Trivex is a lighter weight material, but due to its lower index of refraction more curvature and thickness is need to achieve a given power. Impact Resistance Trivex claims to be as strong, or stronger than polycarbonate in impact resistance.

Is Trivex a plastic?

A new, brand-name type of lightweight and resistant plastic has hit shelves: Trivex. It is similar to polycarbonate, but it has some distinct advantages. Unfortunately, because they are newer and made from a specific form of plastic, Trivex lenses may not be available in all parts of the United States.

Is Trivex ANSI approved?

Trivex prescription safety lenses meet ANSI Z87+ high ballistic rating. Only Polycarbonate and Trivex meet the Z87+ High Impact Ballistic Standards.

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