What is rational doors used for?

What is rational doors used for?

IBM Rational DOORS is a multi-platform, enterprise-wide requirements management tool, designed to capture, link, trace, analyze, and manage a wide range of diverse textual and graphical information to ensure a project’s compliance to specified requirements and standards.

What does Doors stand for in requirements?

DOORS is an acronym for Dynamic Object-Oriented Requirements System. Using the DOORS family of products, you can optimize requirements communication, collaboration, and verification throughout your organization and across your supply chain.

How much does IBM Rational DOORS cost?

IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere pricing starts at $820.00 as a flat rate, per month. They do not have a free version. IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere offers a free trial.

What is a project door?

Projects are special folders that have additional functions associated with them. In Rational® DOORS®, projects are different from folders in the following ways: Each project within the database has a unique name. The location of any data in the project is uniquely identified by a path that starts at the project.

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What is IBM doors next generation?

IBM® Rational® DOORS® Next Generation is a requirements management tool that leverages a web client and IBM Rational Jazz platform. Rational DOORS Next Generation equips teams with requirements definition and management capabilities, a work item system for task management and planning, and a reporting system.

What is the latest version of IBM doors?

Rational DOORS

Developer(s) Rational Software
Stable release / 2018-07-09
Operating system Linux, Solaris, Windows
Available in Brazilian Portuguese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, and English.
Type Requirements management

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What is Elm IBM?

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) is the leading platform for today’s complex product and software development. From requirements through testing and deployment, ELM optimizes collaboration and communication across all stakeholders, improving decision- making, productivity and overall product quality.

How do I download IBM doors?


  1. Access IBM Fix Central.
  2. Select ‘Rational’ under Product Group.
  3. Select ‘IBM Rational DOORS’ under Product.
  4. Select ‘9.3’ under Installed Version.
  5. Select ‘All’ under Platform and continue.
  6. Select Browse for fixes and continue.
  7. Select fix pack: 9.3. 0.4-RATIONAL-DOORS-fixpack4 and continue.
  8. Select download using HTTP.

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