What is retail banking course?

What is retail banking course?

The course covers the concepts of Product Development Process, Credit Scoring, Retail Asset Products, Credit and Debit Cards, Marketing and Delivery Channels in Retail Banking, CRM, Technology and much more.

Is retail banking good career?

Careers in retail banking can be very rewarding. Many people get their foot in the door as a Teller and work their way through exciting jobs in the retail branch. In addition to great customer service skills, careers in this field may also involve sales.

How much do retail bankers make?

Salary Ranges for Retail Bankers The salaries of Retail Bankers in the US range from $25,860 to $52,393 , with a median salary of $34,880 . The middle 57% of Retail Bankers makes between $34,880 and $40,180, with the top 86% making $52,393.

What are the courses for banking?

Top 4 courses in Diploma in Banking and Finance in India

  • PGDM Banking and Finance (NIBM)
  • NSE PGP in Investment Banking and Capital Markets.
  • BSE Banking and Finance.
  • Actuarial Science.

What banks are commercial banks?

The Top 15 Largest Commercial Banks in the United States

  • JPMorgan Chase Co. Total Assets (as of 2020): $2.87 trillion.
  • Bank of America, Corp. Total Assets (as of 2020): $2.16 trillion.
  • Wells Fargo Co.
  • Citigroup Inc.
  • U.S. Bancorp.
  • Truist Financial Corporation.
  • PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.
  • TD Group US Holdings LLC.

Does banking pay well?

On a per hour basis, investment bankers are not paid nearly as well. With most analysts and associates working over 100 hours per week, their hourly wages can range anywhere between $25-$35 per hour. That’s not bad, but it doesn’t sound as good as $100,000 a year did.

What do retail bankers do?

Retail bankers assist consumers in depositing their money, accessing their funds and providing loans.

How can I join banking course?

For Banking Courses in India:

  1. For Short-term/ Diploma Courses: At least 50% marks in 10 + 2 examination from a recognised board.
  2. For Master’s Courses: Minimum 60% marks in graduation along with minimum required score in CAT or any other likely entrance exam.


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