What is Romano mean in English?

What is Romano mean in English?

hard sharp cheese
(Entry 1 of 2) : a hard sharp cheese of Italian origin that is often served grated.

Where is Reverso?

Reverso (language tools)

Headquarters France
Founder(s) Théo Hoffenberg
Industry online translation and dictionaries
URL www.reverso.net
Users 96 million monthly active users (June 2019)

What does Cochina mean in Italian?

[kuˈtʃina ] feminine noun. (locale) kitchen. (arte culinaria) cooking ⧫ cookery.

Who is the Romano family?

The Romano Family Quartet is a four-person family music band that includes: founder Little Edoardo on the bongos, wheelman Gino Romano on the standup bass, frontwoman Bruna Romano on the accordion, and the youngest, Carlo Romano, on the mandolin. They reside in the town of Portallini.

Is Romano a last name?

Romano is a surname, also used as a given name.

Is Delicioso Spanish or Italian?

From Latin deliciōsus. Cognate with English delicious, French délicieux, Italian delizioso, Portuguese delicioso, Romanian delicios.

Is Reverso safe?

Reverso has a consumer rating of 4 stars from 3 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Reverso ranks 9th among Dictionary sites.

What does the word Reverso mean?

Definition of ‘reverso’ a. the back of a sheet of printed paper. b. Also called: reverso. the left-hand pages of a book, bearing the even numbers.

What is Iscucina?

The definition of cucina is Italian and means a cooking style. An example of cucina is Italian cooking.

What is an Italian chef called?

However in Italy a professional chef is called “uno chef” just like you do in English. That expression is used more in relation to famous chefs and posh restaurants than to everyday places. As mentioned before, to congratulate the chef you would say “complimenti al cuoco” or “alla cuoca”.

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