What is single ply waterproofing?

What is single ply waterproofing?

What is Single Ply Roofing Membrane? Single ply is a flat, synthetic polymer based roofing material that, as the name suggests, provides a waterproofing layer in a single sheet. Usually supplied in rolls, the material is either entirely homogeneous or contains a reinforcement layer.

Is single ply TPO?

Thermoplastic Polyolefin is a single-ply roofing membrane that is one of the fastest-growing commercial roofing systems on the market. TPO roofing systems are made up of a single layer of synthetics and reinforcing scrim that can be used to cover flat roofs.

What is a flag roof?

FLAG by Soprema provides a range of synthetic waterproofing systems, comprising of PVC and TPO single ply waterproofing membranes and accessories. This range of roofing and waterproofing systems is easy to install, provides a superior aesthetic finish and boasts performance benefits with sustainable roofing advantages.

How thick is a single ply membrane?

The thickness of single ply membrane is in the range 1.1mm to +2mm. Some products are homogenous, others are reinforced with glass fibre or polyester, depending on the application. Membranes are sealed at joints to form continuous waterproofing.

What does single ply mean?

Single-ply is wide width sheeting meant for low slope roofs. Single-ply roofs have far fewer seams than asphaltic rolled roof systems and don’t require dangerous torches or hot asphalt for installation. They also come with prefabricated detailing accessories that make installation easy.

Is EPDM the same as single ply?

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is a single-ply membrane that consists of a synthetic rubber compound that allows it to be flexible.

Does TPO need underlayment?

Unlike EPDM, most TPO roofing membranes are white. TPO roofs can resist UV rays by reflecting the light off its surface. This makes TPO ideal for buildings that need an effective insulation system. TPO underlayment is relatively easier to install.

What is the life expectancy of a TPO roof?

15 to 20 years
A TPO roof membrane can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. It is a single ply reflective roofing option, and it is typically adhered or mechanically attached. This membrane can be left exposed throughout its life.

Can you paint over Roofix?

Roofix is not designed to be over-coated with standard paints. The highly flexible nature of the product would make adhesion very difficult and normal paints cannot cope with the conditions that are typical of roof-top type areas.

Can roofs be flat?

A flat roof is a roof which is almost level in contrast to the many types of sloped roofs. The slope of a roof is properly known as its pitch and flat roofs have up to approximately 10┬░. Flat roofs are an ancient form mostly used in arid climates and allow the roof space to be used as a living space or a living roof.

What is single ply yarn good for?

Given the nature of single-ply yarns, they work best when avoiding high-abrasion projects like socks, mittens, or gloves. The friction of normal wear and tear is concentrated onto one single strand of fiber, causing it to weaken and grow thin.

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