What is Six-Minute fluency?

What is Six-Minute fluency?

6-Minute Solution is a fluency program which combines non-fiction texts w/ multiple practice reads in order to build fluency. Emphasis is not on comprehension, but on fluency. If you are looking for a comprehension program, 6-Minute can be used to aid comprehension, but it is not a systematic comprehension program.

How do you use the Six-Minute Solution?

Students whisper read passage for one minute, figure out the number of correct words read and graph. Procedure is repeated for a second minute. Students compare number of cwpm on each of their timings. Teacher leads class discussion on the benefits of repeated reading.

Is 6 minute solution research based?

According to a field test and action research project The Six-Minute Solution research- based intervention is a highly successful reading fluency program. To summarize, fluency has evolved over time, but this aged skill has shown the significant effect it has on improving reading and comprehension.

What is Great Leaps reading Program?

Great Leaps is a comprehensive intervention program for reading, language and mathematics that is designed and proven to generate significant and lasting gains. Great Leaps reading takes less than ten minutes a day at least 3 times per week for substantive improvement.

Is great leaps evidence-based?

Efficient in both cost and time, Great Leaps Reading has been recognized for years as a researched and evidence-based fluency program that enables students to make significant strides in their reading. Students of all ages can be tutored to reach an independent reading level.

What do great leaps lead to?

Phonemic awareness, vocabulary, and comprehension are not addressed. However, Great Leaps stresses that increased fluency can produce broad benefits in reading ability, including improved grade-level reading scores and increased reading comprehension.

Is great leaps evidence based?

How can the six-minute solution help my student?

Administrators at Meadowbrook Middle School in Poway, CA placed 52 students who were reading at least two years below grade level, in a 24-day program using The Six-Minute Solution. By the end of the program, all students experienced significant gains in reading fluency and comprehension.

What grade level is the six-minute solution for?

The Six-Minute Solution is a beneficial program for all students in grades K–12, since the flexibility of the program scaffolds up as students progress in their fluency. It can be used with advanced readers to reinforce their reading skills as well as struggling readers,…

What is the average reading fluency for 6th grade?

Pre-assessment fluency scores on a sixth-grade passage ranged from a low of 40 correct words per minute (cwpm) to a high of 136 cwpm. Post-assessment rates ranged from a low of 61 cwpm to a high of 195 cwpm. The average reading fluency gain was 36 percent.”

How many students demonstrate significant gains in oral reading fluency in 4th grade?

In the fourth-fifth grade Academy classroom, 24 of the 25 students (95 percent) demonstrated a significant gain in oral reading fluency as measured by a comparison of pre- and post-cwpm scores on grade-level passages.”

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