What is SWOT financial analysis?

What is SWOT financial analysis?

A SWOT analysis is a dissection of a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. A SWOT analysis focuses on internal factors over which you have control (strengths and weaknesses) and external factors which you can proactively prepare for (opportunities and threats).

How does Apple use SWOT?

The internal and external factors discussed in this SWOT analysis indicate that Apple Inc. possesses major strengths to effectively address organizational weaknesses. The company can also use these strengths to exploit opportunities, such as the expansion of its consumer electronics distribution network.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of Apple Inc?

Strengths include the ecosystem, brand recognition and customer loyalty, and management and culture. Weaknesses include overreliance on iPhone revenue, declining global smartphone market share, and few successful product innovations over the last decade.

What are the strengths of Apple Inc?


  • Unique ability to design and develop proprietary hardware, software, applications and services.
  • Powerful brand supported by strong advertising and marketing capabilities.
  • One of the most loyal customer base in every major product market where the company operates.

What is Apple’s biggest weakness?

The biggest weakness of Apple Company has to be its high price. Its top-priced products become a vulnerability for the company because consumers can easily select products of comparable quality but at a lower cost.

What is Apple’s biggest problem?

Apple’s biggest problem isn’t a lack of ideas. It’s realizing them at a mass market level. Which is why you’ll all swoon when it begins to introduce its new generation of NBTs.

What is the weakness of Apple company?

What are Apple’s threats?

Apple’s Threats

  • Coronavirus Outbreak. Apple is highly dependent on China for its manufacturing and supply chain.
  • Supply Chain Disruption.
  • Apple Bullied By Counterfeits.
  • Increasing Competition.
  • Market Penetration.
  • China Tariffs.
  • Lawsuits.
  • Backdoor Mechanism.

What are the weaknesses of Apple company?

Apple’s Weaknesses

  • High Priced Products. Apple’s products can be considered a luxury due to their premium prices.
  • Limited advertisement & promotions.
  • Entering into area of non-competency.
  • Incompatibility With Other Software.
  • Allegations of Tracking.
  • Unfair business practices.

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